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Super Bowl Snoopy

There will be at least one Peanuts ad during the Super Bowl, and those who’ve already seen it are saying nice things about it. (Me, I’m actually avoiding it until airtime; there’s a big party here at AAUGH Central, and it’s a non-football crowd, so our biggest pleasure is in …


Dear Peanuts licensees

Dear Peanuts licensees, Please know your license. Today, UniqloUSA (the American branch of a Japanese t-shirt manufacturer) advertised their new batch of Peanuts tees (some of which are nice) by tweeting “The Red Baron will be landing at Uniqlo just in time for Valentine’s Day…and he’s bringing his gang” The …

New releases

The New Easter Beagle review

The new book adaptation of It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown is the latest in a series of hardcover versions of Peanuts animated specials, and like most such things, it’s value of the text is mostly in invoking the special for those who have seen it. Humorous moments are explained, …

New releases

Stuffed Snoopy saves the day

There’s a category of Peanuts media that’s about the impact of Peanuts toys helping people get through hard times – this includes such things as the video The Big Stuffed Dog and the military tale The Little Toy Dog. To those, you can add the new Kindle e-book Blue Bunny …

Now shipping

More Hallmark editions

I stopped by the local Hallmark store today to check on a couple things, and noticed that they had a Hallmark edition of Snoopy Loves to Doodle, that it was a separate edition was quite immediately apparent, because unlike the blue cover of the standard edition which you see here, …

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Getting Hogan’s Alley

That new issue of Hogan’s Alley, which includes my look at Harriett Glickman and the creation of Franklin, is now available for order direct from the publisher – if you go here you’ll find it in the lower right corner of the grid of covers.

Now shipping

Easter Boogle beak… er, Easter Beakle boog… er, Baster Bagel eek

The new book adaptation of It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown is now shipping.

Classic finds

An error in The Peanuts Collection

Since I’ve chronicled factual errors in other people’s books about Peanuts, it would be unfair of me not to note when the same has popped up in my own book – in this case, in a caption which I didn’t write, but which I should have caught during the editing …

Upcoming releases

upcoming comic book covers

It looks like they’re getting away from reusing the covers of old Peanuts comic books.


Minor book notes

AAUGH Blog reader Steve points out that The Basics of Licensing uses Peanuts as an example several times in the book. Peanuts and licensing – what will they think of next? Those of you still looking for a copy of the new Peanuts comic book can find them through third-party …