There just might be a book edition of A Charlie Brown Christmas

Coming this September is A Charlie Brown Christmas Snow Globe, one of those Running Press “kit” things that come with some object, and a book. Will it be another book edition of Running Press’s little adaptation of A Charlie Brown Christmas? At this point, we can only hope! If I …

Upcoming releases

Snoopy Dog Biscuits – the book!

Coming this December (and preorderable now), it’s Snoopy Dog Biscuits, a book of recipes. This hardcover, written by former USA Today food editor (which sounds like a great job description there – I mean, editing food! “Pump up the corn. Stet the lime beans. The paprika lacks motivation – work …

Upcoming releases

Peanuts Zombies

I do not understand the workings of some of the automated systems of the book industry. Every once in a while, a publisher for some reason announces a book that never actually gets published. I’ve done it, it happens. In some cases, these fictional books are always on file, marked …

Classic finds

All I Want for Christmas

The latest addition to the AAUGH.com Reference Library (well, one of the latest additions; it arrived on the same day as my preview copy of Complete Peanuts 1983-1984, but that will take some time to read through) is All I Want For Christmas…, a small-but-not-as-small-as-the-small-Hallmark-hardcovers hardcover published by Hallmark in …

New releases

Sparky’s Folks

A new book on Schulz and Peanuts has snuck out in an unusual means. Sparky’s Folks, Dan Shanahan’s reflections on Schulz, Peanuts, and the nature of humor in general, has been published by Czech publisher Togga… and yes, the book is in English. This small, 115 page volume comes across …

Classic finds

Schulz’s other It’s Only A Game

One of the fun things that I get to do here from time to time is to sort out different Schulz books which have the same title, when some publisher either didn’t know or didn’t care that that particular book name had been used before. And now, at this late …


Mickey Mouse invades AAUGH.com for a great deal

I know we’ve got a lot of general comics fans out there, and this one is too good to pass up: for some reason the first hardcover volume in the reprints of Floyd Gottfredson’s Mickey Mouse is just $5.08 at the moment, quite a discount off of $29.99 list. I’m …

Schulz/Peanuts news

More Peanuts in Space

In The Peanuts Collection, I discussed various ways in which the Peanuts characters have been in space, such as the Snoopy and Charlie Brown modules, and the packets of Silver Snoopy pins that have been sent on each mission. But there’s one way which I missed. On today’s broadcast of …

Upcoming releases

Binary tons of digital Peanuts books

As I’ve mentioned here earlier, a number of Peanuts books have been showing up in digital formats. One of my elves has just slipped me the entire plan for books being released through iVerse for the rest of the year, readable on your iPad and similar devices. Each month brings …


The K Chronicles on the Impact of Peanuts books

Keith Knight does a nice cartoon about the effect of Peanuts books in his household.