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Getting Hogan’s Alley

That new issue of Hogan’s Alley, which includes my look at Harriett Glickman and the creation of Franklin, is now available for order direct from the publisher – if you go here you’ll find it in the lower right corner of the grid of covers.

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Easter Boogle beak… er, Easter Beakle boog… er, Baster Bagel eek

The new book adaptation of It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown is now shipping.

Classic finds

An error in The Peanuts Collection

Since I’ve chronicled factual errors in other people’s books about Peanuts, it would be unfair of me not to note when the same has popped up in my own book – in this case, in a caption which I didn’t write, but which I should have caught during the editing …

Upcoming releases

upcoming comic book covers

It looks like they’re getting away from reusing the covers of old Peanuts comic books.


Minor book notes

AAUGH Blog reader Steve points out that The Basics of Licensing uses Peanuts as an example several times in the book. Peanuts and licensing – what will they think of next? Those of you still looking for a copy of the new Peanuts comic book can find them through third-party …


What is the best of the AAUGH Blog

I’m thinking about adding a little set of links here for newcomers to the blog, listing blog entries that might be particularly interesting, separating out the more entertaining stuff from the more by-the-way “this book has been pushed back on the schedule” type of entries that pop up more often. …


Various Peanutsy links

I’m not one to do link posts, particularly to things that aren’t about books, but here’s a few things that I’ve been keeping browser windows open for, thinking “someday, I might links to this”: A look at some Snoopy A&W root beer cans from 1991. A really cool Peanuts perspective …

New releases

that Peanuts comic book

I stopped by Meltdown Comics on Wednesday and picked up a couple copies of issue 1 of the new Peanuts comic book…. Meltdown is a bit out of my way, but they were having a signing by Shane Houghton and Matt Whitlock, the writer and artist of one of the …

Now shipping

Peanuts 1 in stores today

The first issue of the new Peanuts comic book hits comic shops in North America today, so use the Comic Shop Locator to find a store near you, and call ahead to see if they’re carrying this book (not every store will). And if you’re lucky, you may be able …

Animated Peanuts

A Blanket discount

Happiness is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown on DVD is now just $6.49.