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Will Charlie Brown finally make the cover of a Wendy’s book?

It looks like the round-headed kid will be locked out of the cover spot for the Wendy’s Kids’ Meal books for the eight month in a row, as the title for the new book (due in about a week) is Into the Sky with the Flying Ace. That gives him …

Upcoming releases

New Peanuts comic book series

Peanuts is coming back to the comic book world. Boom! Studios, the same folks who published that nice graphic novel adaptation of Happiness is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown, have announced a new ongoing Peanuts comic book series from their Kaboom imprint, featuring “all-new stories”.  It starts with an issue …

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Look what I Looked and Found

It’s the It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown Look and Find book! This one has been released through the bargain book system rather than through regular book distribution methods. Amazon doesn’t generally carry such books directly, although sometimes they have them listed for third-party sales. BN.com, linked to above, carries …

Classic finds

Puppet book

I am, apparently, a sucker for anything anyone describes as a Peanuts book… even when it isn’t. Take for example this items which was listed on eBay as a “puppet book”. Well, yes, it does fold open, so I understand how someone might think it’s like a book… but that …

Classic finds


Oooh, look at the lovely bookplates I just got. So am I going to stick these in my books? Of course not! That would degrade the condition of both the books and the bookplates themselves! Ah, the disease of collecting… (Oh, note the simplified copyright of “Peanuts Characters copyright 1950.” …


Franklin makes the cover

Those of you who read my book The Peanuts Collection know about Harriet Glickman, the woman who suggested to Schulz that he add a bit of racial diversity to the previous all-white cast of Peanuts. I had a longer discussion with her and did a write-up for Hogan’s Alley magazine, …

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Complete Peanuts: Now Shipping

Now shipping is The Complete Peanuts volume 16, including all of the strips from 1981 and 1982, as well as the box set of volumes 15 and 16.

New releases

Great Pumpkin Sound Buttoms

There have been two large-sized adaptations of It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown issued recently, one which used a very flat-color classic-looking take on the images (a Hallmark exclusive), and one which used a lots-of-modeling Photoshop-heavy version (published by Running Press and distributed widely). This new Hallmark edition reprints the …


The author of “A Dark And Stormy Night” meets the Dark Knight

Schulz draws Batman. Really. (It seems only fair; there is one published Batman story where the entire text was taken from Snoopy’s famed novel.)

New releases

The World’s Greatest Beagle Scout

I now have my copies of The World’s Greatest Beagle Scout, the seventh of the ten-book run of Peanuts books being distributed. It’s a slightly-oddly-c0lored (washed-out looking) series of 5 two-page images describing what Snoopy does with his Beagle Scout troop on an overnight hike. There’s nothing particularly amusing about …