Animated Peanuts

The final Peanuts specials of the year, I assume

Tonight at the start of prime time, ABC will air Happy New Year, Charlie Brown, with the hour rounded out by She’s a Good Skate, Charlie Brown. This event is so tumultuous that, at this point, ABC doesn’t even have it on their online schedule, instead showing a blank box …


Last minute gifts

I hope you’re all hunkered down with the ones you love, in joy and in comfort now, whether you’re celebrating a holiday or not. But if it’s the case where you just realized you didn’t get anything for Aunt Greta, and the stores are closed and you’ve run out of …


Time running down, but not out.

It’s still possible to order gifts from Amazon, with overnight shipping, and have them get there by Christmas. But we are in the last few hours. They’ve got the Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown look-and-find book back in stock. And hey, if you bought someone an ebook reader or an MP3 …


Holiday greetings from!

The actual holiday part of the Holiday Season starts at sundown tonight, with the beginning of Hannukah, so I thought this a good time to put up the holiday greetings recorded by the younger members of the staff here at the corporate campus, the famed AAUGH-dot-Complex: If you see this, …

Animated Peanuts

More Peanuts on TV

If your need for Peanuts on network TV hasn’t been sated by the 5.5 hours of airtime Charlie Brown and crew have commanded this past month, you’re in luck! This Thursday at 9 PM in most markets, ABC will air I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown, a full …


Minty fresh dog breath

You may have seen Peanuts covers on all sorts of magazines over the years, but supportive AAUGH Blog reader Scott pointed me to one most of us would’ve missed: the November issue of Construction Executive. In this case, the front cover is an ad, for a dental plan administered by …

New releases

Die Peanuts!

When I first saw the cover to Fröhliche Weihnachten, I got my hopes up. After all, I’ve been hoping to find a foreign book edition of A Charlie Brown Christmas for years now; I know that the special depicts a particularly American sensibility for the holiday, but over all these …


Must be the reason they’re showing Warm Blanket again tonight


New releases

Christmas Joy is… a Peanuts book!

AAUGH! Here it is, the heart of frankly the most lucrative season for being the AAUGH Blogger (not that it adds up to that much), and first my main computer is in the shop for over a week, and now that it’s back, it and my scanner are no longer …

Animated Peanuts

Peanuts take over TV

Thursday night, ABC will air A Charlie Brown Christmas, in its full, uncut glory (well, of course, excepting the Coca-Cola ad from the start of the show, which odds are good that you’ve never seen), followed by Charlie Brown’s Chrismas Tales, as the first hour of its prime-time linup. Friday …