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More Peanuts for your iPad

Following up on yesterday’s post about the iPad/iPhone version of A Charlie Brown Christmas, I thought I should note that there are now a number of Peanuts strip collections available for those devices, orderable through this app. At this point, it looks like there’s a couple 1950s books and a …

New releases

A Charlie Brown Christmas storybook – for your iPad, iPod, iPoodle, whatever!

I keep thinking that we’re done, we’re finished with new book editions of A Charlie Brown Christmas, but they keep pulling me back in! This time, it’s another do-we-count-this-as-a-book item, as it’s an interactive digital storybook for Apple devices (iPad, iPod, iPhone). Is this the same version as what I …


Remaindered Peanuts Collection

I know that this is buried at the end of the last long post that many of you may not bother to make it through: but yes, there are remaindered copies of The Peanuts Collection available for $14 apiece, and ordering two will qualify you for free shipping in the …


The annual holiday buying post

The holidays are approaching. Well, there are always holidays approaching, but I don’t mean National Pancake Month or Gorilla Suit Day. We’re talking the Super Bowl of holidays (which does not, of course, include the Super Bowl.) According to the calendar, Hannukah this year starts at sunset on December 20th …

Animated Peanuts

Happiness is a Warm Blanket – cheap and free

I’ve just noticed that this year’s enjoyable new DVD release Happiness is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown has been marked way down to under seven bucks! That’s a good price for a good disk; there’s no second special on it, but remember this is a double-length feature, and there are …


For you Franklin fans

The cover to the upcoming Complete Peanuts Volume 17: 1983-1984, shipping in April:

Upcoming releases

Peanuts comic book plays the collectible game

So are you one of those people who has to have every version of everything? Well, Boom! Studios, the publishers of the new Peanuts comic book, are prepared to exploit that weakness! They’ve released two pieces of news about their series. The first is that it’s actually a mini-series… they’re …

Upcoming releases

The last Wendys cover, and the unreliability of elves

When my elf at Wendy’s told me that the last book would be called “Best Friends“, I guessed “the cover has Snoopy and Woodstock, right?” “No,” she assured me, “Snoopy and Charlie Brown”. Well… ha! All three of them! So maybe this is finally the chronicling of the long-overlooked camaraderie …


What’s the audio equivalent of a typo

AAUGH Blog reader Keith let me know that there’s a small error in the Color Nook version of Happiness is a Warm Puppy: where the book says that “Happiness is a climbing tree”, the read-aloud audio track says that “Happiness is climbing a tree”. A pretty small error, admittedly, but …


Tower Heist – the AAUGH Blog review

Folks in Peanuts circles were talking about the new film Tower Heist and how it has a Snoopy appearance (in Macy’s Parade balloon form); some of the talk made it sound like they did something interesting with it. I had otherwise been mixed about seeing this film (strong cast, but …