Upcoming releases

We now know Snoopy’s last name

Back in this post, I noted the conflicting signals about whether the upcoming book of dog biscuit recipes is written by Snoopy or by Charlie Brown. Well, just to complicate matters, the Amazon listing now says that the author is “Snoopy Snoopy”! The release date has also been pushed back …

Upcoming releases

What, no Paw-pets?

Running Press has announced another one of their “kits”, this one Peanuts Finger Puppet Theater: Starring Charlie Brown and Snoopy! (the exclamation point is theirs.) It’s getting listed in the book listings even though I’m not sure there’s a book involved. It has finger puppets of Charlie Brown and Snoopy, …

Upcoming releases

Updated Christimas Stocking cover

There’s a new cover image for Charlie Brown’s Christmas Stocking going around… same basic image as what we had before, but a different color/texture sense. We’ve been working on improving the interior look from what I showed folks at Beaglefest, but the only thing I had to do with this …

Classic finds

Too many Peanuts Valentines

I thought that I was being helpful back in 2006 when I told you “There are now two books available called A Peanuts Valentine“… but it turns out I was off by at least one. Until recently, I hadn’t known that back in 1972, Hallmark issued a book by that …

Upcoming releases

Peanuts inspires

Coming next April is a new series of inspirational Peanuts books for kids. Be Yourself! shows examples of positive aspects in each of the Peanuts kids; Be Kind: Peanuts Wisdom to Carry You Through looks at some positive values with Peanuts examples, and Be Brave: Peanuts Wisdom to Carry You …

Upcoming releases

Schulz uncovered

For those of you who want every bit of Schulz (in more ways than one), coming this October from Fantagraphics is Naked Cartoonists, a collection of undraped self-portraiture by some of the most recognizable names in the comics biz. Sparky is in there, as are other such hotties as Lynn …

Classic finds

The Other Snoopy

We live in an era when if you want a stuffed Snoopy, you can certainly get a stuffed Snoopy. They are available in all sorts of sizes, textures, colors, with a marvelous range of costumes. But in the mid 1950s, this was not the case. In 1955, with Peanuts becoming …


A look at the designer

Chip Kidd’s book on Peanuts from a few years back drew both adoration and derision (I fall into the former camp, but that’s because I don’t see it as The One Way Peanuts Should Be Seen as much as An Interesting Alternative Way Of Looking At It; there are so …

Upcoming releases

Peanuts volume 2 cover

Now we have a cover for Peanuts Volume 2, the collection of the currently-running second series of Peanuts comic books from Kaboom. It’s a nicely constructed fun’n’happy beach scene, with Lucy showing what I would normally think of as Linus’s talent for sand castles (perhaps he’s working from the inside!) …

Animated Peanuts

Snoopy Come Home on the big screen

AAUGH Blog reader Pat just alerted me to a rare big-screen showing of Snoopy Come Home in Hollywood. Alas, the scheduling (tonight and tomorrow at 7:30) doesn’t work for me, but I hope some of the L.A. crew can make it out!