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All about Vince Guaraldi

Elsewhere, Peanuts animation expert Scott McGuire points out that Derrick Bang (who you may know as the editor of the It’s Only a Game and Li’l Folks collections, the author of 50 Years of Happiness and the co-author of Security Blankets) has put out Vince Guaraldi at the Piano, a …

Upcoming releases


We’ve got the covers for the Peanuts books coming this fall from Fantagraphics: There’s The Complete Peanuts 1985-1986: andThe Complete Peanuts 1983-1986 boxed set: and the one that makes the little AAUGH Blogger extra-happy, the little gift book I’ve wanted to put together for years, Charlie Brown’s Christmas Stocking: All …

Animated Peanuts

Other inside info

While I was being corrected on the status of It’s Tokyo, Charlie Brown (and boy, did I not just end up with egg on my face there, I ended up with AAUGH on my face!), my inside source did let me in on some better information, and that’s about the …

Animated Peanuts

MAJOR CORRECTION – It’s Tokyo NOT coming to video

I’ve been contacted by a friend within the Peanuts organization, letting me know that despite what I posted earlier, It’s Tokyo, Charlie Brown is not in production as an animated release. At this point, it is coming out only as an original graphic novel. You readers and everyone at Peanuts …

Upcoming releases

Counting down the days to advent

Well, it’s only April, but you can already preorder the Peanuts Christmas Advent Calendar, and get it in June… just in time for Christmas-in-July! Please note that this is Peanuts Christmas, not A Charlie Brown Christmas, which is a licensing matter. But it’s not really about  A Charlie Brown Christmas, …

Upcoming releases

A nicely big book coming on Peanuts animation

Coming in November, in time for gift giving (or gift requesting!) is The Art and Making of Peanuts Animation, a 160-page hardcover from Chronicle Books. It’s written by Charles Solomon, who has written several earlier significant books on animation. It ain’t cheap, but I’m betting it’ll be purty.

Animated Peanuts

New Peanuts video and books – It’s Tokyo, Charlie Brown

MAJOR CORRECTION: (APRIL 12, 2012) THE POST BELOW WAS IN ERROR. IT’S TOKYO WILL BE AN ORIGINAL GRAPHIC NOVEL; IT IS NOT IN PRODUCTION AS AN ANIMATED VIDEO. See here for details. Coming this November is a new Peanuts animated special, direct-to-video… and the book adaptation to go with it! …

New releases

The Chuclopedia

For folks with Kindles or Kindle software, here’s an ebook that is currently free (not sure if that’s a permanent thing): Twelve Guys Named Charles: Valuable lessons and inspiration from a dozen of history’s “Chucks”. This is a set of brief biographies around people who happen to have the same …

Classic finds

The original Charlie Brown of stage

Today’s Peanuts-related reading was To M*A*S*H and Back, the 2009 autobiography of actor Gary Burghoff. While best known for portraying Radar O’Reilly in the film M*A*S*H and the TV show M*A*S*H and the TV show AfterM*A*S*H and the never-picked-up-for-a-series TV pilot W*A*L*T*E*R, the part of the book that I wanted …

Now shipping

Schulz Bridge cartoons collected

Just out, and available for immediate order, is Bridge Mix, a collection of the bridge-related cartoons from “It’s Only a Game”, Schulz’s single-panel feature from the late 1950s. Who’s the publisher? About Comics. That’s me. To make it clear: if you have the It’s Only a Game collection that I …