Animated Peanuts

When it’s Charlie Brown versus Charlie Brown, everybody wins!

I’m looking at the TV ratings for Thursday, when animated Peanuts specials were on two networks at the same time (the A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving/The Mayflower Voyages hour running 8-9 on ABC, while Fox ran Happiness is a Warm Blanket 8:30-9:30). None of them won their time slot. The ABC …


Exploiting Amazon Prime

If you’re ordering through Amazon regularly, the Amazon Prime service that they offer seems like a pretty good deal – you get vital shipping deals, plus access to a free video library and even the ability to “borrow” books for your Kindle. But being a cheapskate in the moment, I’ve …


Celebrating Peanuts Black Friday deal

I just noticed that as part of Amazon’s Black Friday Week, they have Celebrating Peanuts, the big hardcover strip reprint, for 48% off… but there’s just under 2 hours left on the deal, so if you want it, click through now.

Now shipping

How many things can they crowd in a Nook, anyway?

That iPad version of A Charlie Brown Christmas that I just wrote about? It’s now available for the Color Nook and new Nook Tablet as well. And I don’t have either of those, either. So that means this year, they’ve released two different Nook Charlie Brown Christmases! Yipes!

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More Peanuts for your iPad

Following up on yesterday’s post about the iPad/iPhone version of A Charlie Brown Christmas, I thought I should note that there are now a number of Peanuts strip collections available for those devices, orderable through this app. At this point, it looks like there’s a couple 1950s books and a …

New releases

A Charlie Brown Christmas storybook – for your iPad, iPod, iPoodle, whatever!

I keep thinking that we’re done, we’re finished with new book editions of A Charlie Brown Christmas, but they keep pulling me back in! This time, it’s another do-we-count-this-as-a-book item, as it’s an interactive digital storybook for Apple devices (iPad, iPod, iPhone). Is this the same version as what I …


Remaindered Peanuts Collection

I know that this is buried at the end of the last long post that many of you may not bother to make it through: but yes, there are remaindered copies of The Peanuts Collection available for $14 apiece, and ordering two will qualify you for free shipping in the …


The annual holiday buying post

The holidays are approaching. Well, there are always holidays approaching, but I don’t mean National Pancake Month or Gorilla Suit Day. We’re talking the Super Bowl of holidays (which does not, of course, include the Super Bowl.) According to the calendar, Hannukah this year starts at sunset on December 20th …

Animated Peanuts

Happiness is a Warm Blanket – cheap and free

I’ve just noticed that this year’s enjoyable new DVD release Happiness is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown has been marked way down to under seven bucks! That’s a good price for a good disk; there’s no second special on it, but remember this is a double-length feature, and there are …


For you Franklin fans

The cover to the upcoming Complete Peanuts Volume 17: 1983-1984, shipping in April: