Classic finds

Peanuts from the silent black-and-white era

So I picked up these coloring books from the 1970s – outside my usual collecting guidelines, of course, but they were all Christmas-themed, and the Peanuts/Christmas link is on my mind these days. Besides, they were cheap and, as it turns out, in immaculate condition. But I find them kind …

Animated Peanuts

A Charlie Brown Christmas is Officially Important, musicwise

Each year, the U.S. Library of Congress names a set of audio recordings that are of historical importance, and this year’s announcement of 25 new inductees includes the soundtrack for A Charlie Brown Christmas! The announcement notes: “A Charlie Brown Christmas” introduced jazz to millions of listeners. The television soundtrack …

Upcoming releases

  Here’s the cover for Snoopy’s Organic Dog Biscuit Cookbook Kit, shipping in October and preorderable now. The kit will come with Peanuts-themed cookie cutters. I gotta admit, seeing that “all recipes are free of wheat, corn & soy” instantly creates the image in my brain that it’s all rocks …

Upcoming releases

A close-up look at my work on Charlie Brown’s Christmas Stocking

Today’s work: looking at the artwork, trying to erase the stray dots that have been caused by printing and scanning and half a century of time passing, while not erasing stray dots actually caused by the ink pen of Charles M. Schulz. If he’d only signed each genuine stray dot, …


Dale Hale and the “Peanuts” Comic Book: The Interview « Hogan’s Alley

My interview with Dale Hale, artist on the old Dell/Gold Key “Peanuts” comic books. This is the same interview that’s on the site, but the Hogan’s Alley site is running it with the images that were used in the print edition.

Animated Peanuts

Team Snoopy

Now shipping is Happiness is… Peanuts: Team Snoopy, a DVD combining the TV special Lucy Must Be Traded, Charlie Brown with some sports-oriented material from The Charlie Brown & Snoopy Show. I love the phrasing “An All-New Collection” There’s not any new material, just a new combination of things… and …

New releases

Peanuts – Free Comic Book Day edition

If you headed to your comic book shop today for Free Comic Book Day (and if not, why not? I mean, which word in the phrase “free comic book” don’t you like?), then you may have grabbed up the Kaboom!/Boom Studios Free Comic Book Day flip book – half Peanuts, …


In the interest of accuracy

I am seeing comments suggesting that the Kirby credit on the Avengers movie may not be as small as earlier reports suggested; I have not verified for myself yet. Still, is a good idea.


The difference between enjoyment and respect

Enjoying a creative work and being respectful to the talented folks who created it are two different things, and that conflict shows up a lot these days. It shows up in all forms of intellectual property abuse… which in this Internet age most obviously includes piracy of music and movies …

Upcoming releases

Free Peanuts comic book

Coming up this Saturday is one of the greatest holidays on the calendar – Free Comic Book Day! Just think about those words; is there any one of them not to like?   And to make it all the better, this time there’s a free Peanuts comic book to be …