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The Final Wendys Kids Meal book is…

My inside elf tells me that the tenth and ultimate book in the Wendy’s Kid’s Meal kids-under-three Peanuts board book series is… Best Friends. Now, this is not a completely original title, as witness the boxed figurine-and-booklet set Snoopy and Woodstock: Best Friends. However, in this case, the friendship is …

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An A Charlie Brown Christmas edition I can’t get

Is an ebook a book? That’s the question I’ll have to wrestle with as I try to maintain a complete collection of book adaptations of A Charlie Brown Christmas. There’s an ebook edition now, and it’s only available for the Nook, Barnes & Nobles e-book device. And hey, I have …

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Discount Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

It’s the Great Big Turkey Bird, Charlie Brown… er,  I mean A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, now under $8.28.

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There must be something Snoopy in the air

After covering that the film Tower Heist (which I have not seen) features Snoopy via his Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon, I was surprised that the other film which opened wide this weekend – A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas – had a briefer Snoopy mention, as a character asked …

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Warm Blanket coming to TV

The already-out-on-video Peanuts special Happiness is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown is heading to US airwaves on Thanksgiving night. There’s a couple interesting things about this: It’s not airing on ABC, who holds current broadcast rights to the “classic” holiday specials, but on Fox. It’s airing at 8:30 (following an …


A Great Pumpkin thought from the missuz

  My wife notes that there is a lot of work involved in achieving the second most sincere pumpkin patch, but a sad lack of reward for doing so.

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Peanuts the Comic Book – the Book

Those of you who don’t think you can make it to the comic shop every month to get the new issue of the new Peanuts comic book do have another option – the publisher will be collecting the stories into paperbacks. The first one is slated to come out next …

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Is Small World the first stab at Peanuts 2?

Peanuts is almost certainly the most influential humor strip in the history of the medium, but from time to time it has been more than an artistic influence on a creative mind; there have been strips that have pretty clearly tried to be The Next Peanuts, although they’ve had different …

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Peanuts in (other) popular culture

Just noticed in an ad for next week’s new film Tower Heist, and noticed the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Snoopy balloon popping into one scene; I wonder if they do anything good with him, or whether it’s just one of a number of balloons that pass. (The film has a …

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The Peanuts comic book – a review

I just got a review PDF of the new Peanuts issue 0, which should hit better comic shops on Wednesday. The cover announces New Stories, which is not the more common announcement of All-New Stories, and that difference is there for a reason, as you’ll see. The contents are: “Carnival …