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New Peanuts animation coming… somewhere

AAUGH Blog reader Fred points out that word is going ’round that a Japanese animation studio called Madhouse has been cleared to produce new Peanuts animation, and that they already have a short out… somewhere. (Really – they say “The short is released somewhere in Tokyo. If you’re interested, please …



For some reason, this cover for a Czech collection is making me happy at the moment. Often, the limited-color foreign covers look quite charming. Sure would like to get this one for the Reference Library!  

Upcoming releases

Battling adaptations

Now that we can see the cover for the upcoming book It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown: With Sound and Music, it’s clear that they’re doing something which I thought they might. Is this book the general market version of Hallmark’s recent sound button book of the same special? Well, …


Twelve years later

The final new Peanuts strip ran in papers twelve years ago today, and looking around, it’s hard to say that it’s lost any ground as a centerpiece of our culture. Just seeing a popular website using the Lucy-and-the-football analogy for what may be happening with a piece of legislation, or …

Upcoming releases

Shouldn’t that be Sound -Including- Music

Running Press has announced that August will bring us the book It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown: With Sound and Music. This book (which is now available for preorder, so go do so!) is presumably the general market version of last year’s Hallmark-only release, It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown: …

Animated Peanuts

Valentine specials 2012

Tonight on ABC, at the start of prime time, it’s a Peanuts double-feature: Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown, and A Charlie Brown Valentine. And speaking of animated Peanuts, the next DVD release is now preorderable. Happiness is Peanuts: Team Peanuts features the TV special Lucy Must Be Traded, Charlie Brown, …

Now shipping

Peanuts #2 is in stores yesterday

Sorry, dealing with some things here, and I never got around to pointing out that issue 2 of the Peanuts comic book hit the comic shops yesterday. I don’t yet have one on hand to review. To make up for that, let me note the Peanuts thing that is making …

Upcoming releases

Peanuts comic book #4 cover

  The cover for Peanuts issue 4, coming in April, featuring Lucy and… who is that masked marvel?

Animated Peanuts

Peanuts and friends ad

For those of you who missed the Super Bowl or just want to watch the Peanuts ad again, here it is (if you’re getting the AAUGH Blog via email, you may need to click through): It’s more interesting – and fun as a trivia quiz – than funny. Two things …

Animated Peanuts

Super Bowl Snoopy

There will be at least one Peanuts ad during the Super Bowl, and those who’ve already seen it are saying nice things about it. (Me, I’m actually avoiding it until airtime; there’s a big party here at AAUGH Central, and it’s a non-football crowd, so our biggest pleasure is in …