the full run of Schulz-reference Mutts strips is up

The week of Mutts dailies (September 10-15) which referenced Schulz is now fully online. Go here for the first one then use the calendar below the strip to keep clicking for the next.


Amazon up and ups

The death notice of the Amazon 4-for-3 deal turns out to have been premature; I’m not sure why the deal wasn’t showing up on the product pages for a while there, but now it is. So if you want to preorder 4 copies of Charlie Brown’s Christmas Stocking and only …

Upcoming releases

Peanuts comic book preview

Here, courtesy of the folks at Boom!, are the first few pages of the new Peanuts comic book (volume 2, issue 2), which should be hitting stores this week. And here’s the table of contents for the issue:


Amazon ups and downs

The good news from Amazon is that the new boxed sets of The Complete Peanuts 1983-1986 can now be ordered; whatever problem was keeping them from releasing sets has obviously been cleared. The bad news is that it looks like one of Amazon’s standard discounts has gone away. Until recently, …


little Peanuts notes

Next week will be a Peanuts tribute week in the comic strip “Mutts“, which was a modern favorite of Schulz’s. Look for a full week of Peanuts/Schulz-referencing strips. Here’s someone’s blogpost about how his record album of the A Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack became the copy that the Library of …

New releases

Review – the Complete Peanuts 1985-1986

I’ve seen standup comic Patton Oswalt perform live just once, as part of The J. Keith Van Straaten Show, a non-broadcast talk show that was done in a 99-seat theater. And on that night, he did a bit about Peanuts… but not your usual standup “Boy, that Peppermint Patty¬† – …

Classic finds

a Peanuts book that never was

There’s a nice post here on a brief piece of correspondence where Schulz shoots down someone proposing a how-to-draw-Peanuts book, noting that “we could never consider such a project”. Of course, such a book has come out in the decades since — How To Draw Peanuts, by Matt Busch.

Upcoming releases

We now know Snoopy’s last name

Back in this post, I noted the conflicting signals about whether the upcoming book of dog biscuit recipes is written by Snoopy or by Charlie Brown. Well, just to complicate matters, the Amazon listing now says that the author is “Snoopy Snoopy”! The release date has also been pushed back …

Upcoming releases

What, no Paw-pets?

Running Press has announced another one of their “kits”, this one Peanuts Finger Puppet Theater: Starring Charlie Brown and Snoopy! (the exclamation point is theirs.) It’s getting listed in the book listings even though I’m not sure there’s a book involved. It has finger puppets of Charlie Brown and Snoopy, …

Upcoming releases

Updated Christimas Stocking cover

There’s a new cover image for Charlie Brown’s Christmas Stocking going around… same basic image as what we had before, but a different color/texture sense. We’ve been working on improving the interior look from what I showed folks at Beaglefest, but the only thing I had to do with this …