A look at the designer

Chip Kidd’s book on Peanuts from a few years back drew both adoration and derision (I fall into the former camp, but that’s because I don’t see it as The One Way Peanuts Should Be Seen as much as An Interesting Alternative Way Of Looking At It; there are so …

Upcoming releases

Peanuts volume 2 cover

Now we have a cover for Peanuts Volume 2, the collection of the currently-running second series of Peanuts comic books from Kaboom. It’s a nicely constructed fun’n’happy beach scene, with Lucy showing what I would normally think of as Linus’s talent for sand castles (perhaps he’s working from the inside!) …

Animated Peanuts

Snoopy Come Home on the big screen

AAUGH Blog reader Pat just alerted me to a rare big-screen showing of Snoopy Come Home in Hollywood. Alas, the scheduling (tonight and tomorrow at 7:30) doesn’t work for me, but I hope some of the L.A. crew can make it out!

Upcoming releases

Snoopy eats sushi

Here’s the new and presumably final cover for the upcoming original Peanuts graphic novel It’s Tokyo, Charlie Brown, now available for preorder, shipping in November. And hey, speaking of Peanuts comic book covers, check out this cool reinterpretation of the cover of Dell’s Peanuts issue 13 cover from the 1960s.

Upcoming releases

a more colorful Christmas Stocking

I probably mentioned here that the upcoming Charlie Brown’s Christmas Stocking book would be printed in two-color format… even showed some of you some of the art like that. While two-color would’ve been a step up for the material (both stories had been printed simply with black ink originally, albeit …

Classic finds

Crossover madness! (or “Who puts a ruff in the middle of a green?”)

Here’s a beautiful example of the Peanuts cast being integrated with other characters, in a shot I’d not seen before (but now have fo r the AAUGH.com Reference Library, of course.) They’re going head-to-head at the 1990 Pebble Beach Pro-Am, in this foldout cover for the souvenir magazine. Ah, a …

Upcoming releases

the San Diego Peanuts panel

My one day at Comic-Con happened to coincide with the Boom! Peanuts panel, where they had the creative and editorial folks behind the comic books. If you were looking for a lot of new revelations about the future of the Peanuts comic book, there wasn’t much to be had; they …

Upcoming releases

The return of Baby Snoopy?

I’ve spoken here before about “ghost books”, titles that were once entered into some publisher’s or distributor’s list but never really existed, never really will exist, but due to various computer processes keep getting relisted as coming some time in the future. What we have today is a listing for …

Schulz/Peanuts news

Peanuts booth will have Comic-Con exclusives

It turns out they were just later in announcing the exclusive Peanuts items to be available at Comic-Con than most of the other booth’s items. The coolest thing, INGHO (In Nat Gertler’s Humble Opinion), is the women’s tee-shirts featuring Lucy Van Pelt in her cool spaceman spiffy pajamas, from an …

Classic finds

The GMPs According to Peanuts

This is actually a booklet I blogged about seven years back, but given the eyebrows it raised at Beaglefest and the new audience I assume I’ve gathered since then, I reckoned the time was ripe for a repost (with improved graphics.) What exactly are the GMP’s? Why, the Good Manufacturing …