Vaguely Peanuts-related bits

Famed rapper Snoop Dogg (a.k.a. as Snoop Doggy Dogg) has changed his moniker (last year; yes, I’m that far behind on my hiphop news) to Snoop Lion. This should prevent any further confusion. Of course, if he wanted to avoid being confused with a cartoon character, he should’ve just kept …

Animated Peanuts

things I should have told you already

The Complete Peanuts volume 19: 1987-1988 is already shipping, and I’m going slowly through my copy before doing a review or summation or whatever it is I do on these things. And the complete set of the Charlie Brown And Snoopy Show on DVD can now be ordered through Amazon, …

Now shipping

Be Peanuts

Now shipping are three new kids books: Be Yourself Be Kind: Peanuts Wisdom to Carry You Through Be Brave: Peanuts Wisdom to Carry You Through My copies are whipping their way here even as we speak. Reviews soon.

Animated Peanuts

Oooh, DVD deal

You know those DVDs they’ve been releasing with one Peanuts TV special mixed with one episode of The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show? And you know those cheap DVD sets where you can get four related films in a single DVD case for about $10-$15? Well, you can probably see …


Snoopy invasion

Alas, I don’t have the camera to capture it in a visible form, but I was surprised to see the MetLife blimp with Snoopy on the side passing through our neighborhood earlier this week.

Nat news

Going to Wondercon

I’m about to be out the door for Wondercon. If you’re going too, as I noted, you’ll be able to find me Friday 12 through 2 at the Comic Art Professional Society booth (#829)… but you’ll also be able to find the penciller of my “Bank Notes” story (and at …

Nat news

Meet Nat at Wondercon

Well, my AAUGH Blog readers, today is the day that Peanuts issue 7 hits better comic shops across the US and Canada. But for those of you in Southern California – this weekend is Wondercon, which is a comic book convention run by the same folks who run the famed …

Upcoming releases

Read my first Peanuts story here

Those of you who follow the current Peanuts comic book may have noted that they had been starting with a longer story, followed by shorter stories, until recently. That meant that the first-5-pages “preview” packs that they sent out for the press to share included just part of a story. …

Upcoming releases

Complete Peanuts covers

Here’s the image of this year’s Complete Peanuts boxed set: And here’s the cover for this fall’s volume 20: Note the reveal: the introduction will be by Lemony Snicket. Who is a fictional character (but hey, Snoopy wrote an intro or two in his day), and who nonetheless authored The …

Upcoming releases

The Forewritten Foreword

A quick note on the already-printed, soon-to-be-released The Complete Peanuts: 1987-1988: This volume boasts a foreword by Garry Trudeau, creator of “Doonesbury”. It is a very fine piece of writing. However, on the off chance that you’re buying this volume primarily for the foreword, you should know that it’s not …