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More on the Sunday Peanuts collections

The title of the series is Peanuts Every Sunday. This will, of course, justify the existence of the AAUGH.com Collectors Guide, as there already is a book of that title, a black-and-white collection of Sunday strips from 1958 through 1961. The books are 12.75″ by 10″, so the strips should …

Upcoming releases

Color Sunday books coming

As I’ve occasionally noted, working professionally in Peanuts sometimes means hearing about upcoming projects before they’re ready to be announced. This is one of those cases, and I’m glad that the news is finally coming out elsewhere so I can mention it. Starting this fall, Fantagraphics will launch a 10-book …


If not Snoopy

After my post the other day mentioned that Snoopy was Schulz’s second choice for the character’s name, I got email asking about what the first choice was and why it was changed. That’s a question I answered here on the blog several years ago.

Classic finds

The other Other Snoopy

A while back, I posted about a 1955 book featuring a dog named Snoopy, one who is not our Snoopy, and noted that it was not the first such example. Well, now I have my paws on The Story of Snoopy The Nosey Little Puppy by the single-named Harriet. That’s …


Input gotten

Well, I asked for your input on whether I should cover newsy items that are Peanuts-related, and got more responses for that than for possibly anything that I’ve asked on the blog.. and unfortunately for me the answers were all across the map. Some people really want everything vaguely Peanuts-related …


input wanted

Even though the focus of this blog is specifically Schulz books, I obviously zoom out in to more general Peanuts topics, interesting things that come up. Which puts me in a dilemma from time to time, when the topic seems more of tawdry interest than key to what I’m pursuing. …

New releases

One that got away

Normally, an Asian datebook is not something I’d worry about not having in my collection… but I think you’ll see why I reckon that from time to time in the future, I’ll look back and regret not getting this one. It will hurt, but I will try to be srong …

Upcoming releases

Look, they’re all smiling

Here we have the cover for the upcoming Running Press Kids book Be Yourself! It’s a rendered color version of what might be the most-used piece of Peanuts licensing art, because it’s got all the characters and they are smiling. Which makes it less than a 100% realistic depiction of …

Nat news

I need a title

As some of you may remember, last year I put together Bridge Mix, a selection of Schulz & Sasseville’s “It’s Only a Game” cartoons aimed at people who play bridge. It hasn’t sold a ton of copies, but enough that it was worth my time putting it together. And never …

Schulz/Peanuts news


During the 1970s, United Feature Syndicate planned for the possible loss of Charles Schulz’s services by having comics artist Al Plastino draw up some original Peanuts strips. Long hidden away, and rumored destroyed, I’d only seen one of these reproduced in the past, and now this blog posts shows a …