advent calendar

The Advent Calendar, 13 days to go

Hallmark places several books on this list, and that makes sense. While they aren’t a big book publisher, if there’s two things they’re big on, they’re Peanuts and Christmas.With the title of Christmas Time With Snoopy And His Friends, a major question opens up: while Woodstock is clearly Snoopy’s friend, …


Free Charlie Brown Christmas app

I am typing this on the new iPad I was given last night, and I am doing so in a Starbucks. Why? It is not for the coffee (I do to drink the stuff)… But because now that I have an appropriate iDevice, I want that well reviewed Charlie Brown …

advent calendar

The Advent Calendar, 14 days to go

All I Want For Christmas Is… is a thin hardcover book, but it’s really a greeting card at heart, meant not to buy for yourself, but to send to soemone else It’s shots of Lucy, Snoopy, Sally, and Charlie Brown writing letters to Santa Claus, and in Charlie Brown’s note …

Animated Peanuts

A classic on demand

I’ve just started exploring the On Demand features of my cable system – hadn’t realized until now that you can watch primetime shows from the past month for free. That’ll be very useful. But I’m amused by the way they include Happiness is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown there. I …

advent calendar

The Advent Calendar, 15 days to go

I like the coloring book Christmas Joy Is… because it doesn’t just settle for giving kids stock images to color, as so many coloring books these days do. It’s a thing to be read; in this case, if it wasn’t a coloring book, it would be a gift book on …

advent calendar

The Advent Calendar, 16 days to go

Sally’s Christmas Miracle is a kids’ storybook adapted from a strip story – the one where Sally manages to score a Christmas tree. The story is somewhat slight, which is true of the strips it’s adapted from, but hey, tree hunting is a good subject!

advent calendar

The Advent Calendar, 17 days to go

This 32 page booklet for 2004 is 2.75 inches square, with Christmas-themed Peanuts strips reprinted in color, plus Christmas-oriented quotes. It came as part of a boxed gift set, a stocking stuffer of sorts. It gets some love from me despite being such a small item because of the title, …

New releases

And you thought it’d be Oopysnay

The latest addition to the Reference Library is Insuperabilis Snupius, a tall-but-short (48 pages), full-color reprint of daily strips… in Latin. Published in 1984 by the European Language Institute (an Italian publishing house that puts out mainly educational materials), this hardcover includes one nice touch that I always like …

advent calendar

The Advent Calendar, 18 days to go

The little board book Snoopy: No Home for Christmas (published by UK publisher Ravette in 1991) packs a little extra Christmassy punch because it’s about someone (in this case, Woodstock) who has no place to stay. Will he find room at the inn?

advent calendar

The Advent Calendar, 19 days to go

The cover of Peanuts Collectible Ornaments may not look very Christmassy, but inside? Page after full-color page with pictures of every Peanuts Christmas ornament produced through 2005. For those of you whose Christmas decorations tend toward the Peanutsy, this will help you identifying the things you have and lust after …