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Animated Peanuts


If you liked that six-second Peanuts video¬†from the other day, here’s the six-second making-of video. (Folks receiving this via email should click on the title in order to go to the blog on the web to view it.)


Nat at Comic-Con

To answer some questions I’ve gotten: yes, I will be at Comic Con in San Diego next month, but only on Friday. And yes, I will be on a Peanuts-related panel. Details when details are released.

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Ooooh, leeeeemited eeeedition!

I don’t think I mentioned this before. The first collection of the Boom! Peanuts comic book, which is most commonly available as a trade paperback, also has a limited hardcover edition which can be ordered only at the Boom! website.

Now shipping

Finally easily available!

Last year, I mentioned that with my publisher hat on, I had two books of Schulz cartoons out that you couldn’t order through Amazon or anywhere else easily, because of contractual provisions. However, examining the contracts, I now realize that I can release them under a different provision… so now …

Animated Peanuts

the latest animated Peanuts

It’s starting to seem like a long time since Happiness is a Warm Blanket, and a long time until the new Peanuts feature film, but if you need something to tide you over, well, go pop some popcorn, gather the family around, turn down all the lights, cancel the newspaper, …

Upcoming releases

Getting all academic on Schulz

Here’s an upcoming book about Schulz that is so far from imminent, they’re still rounding up folks to write it. The Comics of Charles Schulz: The Good Grief of Modern Life is planned as a volume in a series “Critical Approaches to Comics Artists”, and is expected to contain various …

Schulz/Peanuts news

Peanuts meet Iron Man

For those of you who wondered “is the new season¬† of Arrested Development going to have Peanuts references, as they did during the first two and half seasons of the show years ago?”, the answer is yes, as of the very first new episode. (And for those of you who …

Upcoming releases

Cowabunga dagnabbit!

The good news is that Andrews & McMeel is getting back into the Peanuts book business, starting a line of strip reprints aimed at middle schoolers. The bad news – and it’s only bad news for one person (me) – is that their first book uses as a cover image …


Snoopy is always in fashion

For those who like their Peanuts gear to go beyond the t-shirt level, here’s a UK designer offering a licensed Peanuts line. I can’t say that their modeling particularly enhances the appeal of the clothes, but then I’m not the target market for a $500 sequined dress. (That’s my story, …