advent calendar

The Advent Calendar, 20 days to go

December 5: The Peanuts Christmas Coloring Book The thing that draws me to 1979’s The Peanuts Christmas Coloring Book is the cover. Only Charlie Brown could find that his pile of presents is nothing but empty boxes and a used dog…

advent calendar

The Advent Calendar, 21 days to go

Today’s step on the way to the top of the Peanuts Christmas list is Friends Are a Special Part of Christmas, a 1981 saddle-stitched paperback, which offers “Holiday poems featuring Charlie Brown and his friends”.¬† Well, the poems are cut with lyrics from traditional (read: public domain) carols, but there …

Nat news

The AAUGH Blogger chats about Peanuts and Christmas

The Phoenix New Times hit me up for what I thought would be a coupe pithy quotes about Charlie Brown’s Christmas Stocking. Instead it ended up being a much longer piece with lots of comment from me. Go read!

advent calendar

The Advent Calendar, 22 days to go

This far from the top of the list, I’m still willing to include books that I like for snarky rather than pure and noble reasons. For example, there’s this coloring book that I found the other day in the dollar bin at the local Target . The packet that it …


A discount CB Christmas

Remaindered copies of a hardcover edition of A Charlie Brown Christmas are available for $7.98, 60% off the original list. (I had messed up this link earlier to point to unremaindered, more expensive copies. This has now been fixed.)

advent calendar

The Advent Calendar, 23 days to go

The second reveal on the advent calendar is Fr√∂hliche Weihnachten, It may look like a violation of the no-adaptions-of-A-Charlie-Brown-Christmas rule, but it’s not. It’s a strip reprint. And boy, isn’t that cover pretty! The sky is shiny, shiny gold. It could only be more Christmassy if the cover also had …

advent calendar

The Advent Calendar, 24 days to go

To celebrate the release of Charlie Brown’s Christmas Stocking, I am starting this advent calendar. Each day I will be posting about one Christmas-related Peanuts book – but only one that is not an adaptation of the TV special A Charlie Brown Christmas, because the dozens of those would simply …

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Schulz books you can’t get ANYWHERE else

With my publisher hat on, I’m in a bit of a conundrum. Without going into the details of the contract, I’ve got two books that I have the right to publish, but that I really don’t have the clear right to sell through the usual means… I can only really …

New releases

Oooh a review

Okay, I haven’t reviewed Charlie Brown’s Christmas Stocking because I’m hardly objective on it. But in the interest of providing you with pure, objective analysis, I should point out that the Christian Science Monitor called it “the perfect gift book for the holidays” and that the “design of the book …

Animated Peanuts

The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show

I’m sitting here in the jury duty waiting room, doing my small part to bring justice to the lawless of Ventura County, and thought I’d catch up on something – particularly since animated Peanuts are on my mind (tonight is the season’s first showing of A Charlie Brown Christmas). And …