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What I have that you do not (yet)

Just got the contributor copies for Charlie Brown’s Christmas Stocking, which is not in bookstores yet. It’s a nicely solid little hardback, and as the guy credited (in tiny type) with conceiving and preparing the book, I’m quite pleased with it. I hope you will be as well.


Free Great Pumpkin for Android

AAUGH Blog reader Scott just pointed out to me that the Great Pumpkin app is free for Android users in the Amazon App store, today only. Go get it, Androiders!

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Peanuts comic book and DVD status

For folks who care about numbering: as you’ve probably noticed, the Peanuts comic books from Kaboom started with a run of issues 0 through 4, then after a gap on the schedule restarted with volume 2, #1-4 as monthly installments. Well, they won’t be restarting for Volume 3 anytime soon. …


Good deal on A Charlie Brown Christmas

I get no kickback on this, but I figure that some of you might like this good deal on a pop-up edition of A Charlie Brown Christmas, just $5.08 including free shipping. (Please note that this is an earlier pop-up edition, and not the pop-up-and-sound-button edition I reviewed recently.)

New releases

a CLOTH edition as in what

Cider Mill Press had befuddled me a bit by their listing of a new edition of Christmas is Together-Time, one of the pics-and-adages books from the 1960s (a la Happiness is a Warm Puppy), which they described various as a “cloth edition” and a “ragbk edition”. Both of those things …

Upcoming releases

Cover Time

We have a cover for the next Complete Peanuts:

Upcoming releases

Complete Peanuts 1987-1988 now preorderable

Now available for preorder is The Complete Peanuts volume 19: 1987-1988. The book can now be ordered at full list price of $28.99 – which is a good thing. Why? Because in my experience with Amazon, if you preorder something that costs more than $25, and the price dips before …

Upcoming releases

Peanuts comic book issue 3 preview

Rather than reviewing the Peanuts comic book that is released tomorrow, here is the first few pages for you to judge for yourself! (Click any image to enlarge.)

New releases

Snoopy’s Organic Dog Biscuit Cookbook Kit review

I now have in my grimy little paws Snoopy’s Organic Dog Biscuit Cookbook Kit, a just-released set of a book and three biscuit-cutters. And I have a number of things to note about it: While the cover says that the book is by “Snoopy and the Bubba Rose Biscuit Company” …

Animated Peanuts

an A Charlie Brown Christmas edition by any other name

Apparently, there are now so many book adaptations of A Charlie Brown Christmas that they have to come up with new names to distinguish them, at least judging by the new book A Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. Despite the different title, this is actually this year’s Hallmark entry in the …