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Which holiday is that?

The special A Charlie Brown Christmas airs tonight, on ABC Last night, Fox aired Happiness is a Warm Blanket, and promoted it as a “Holiday Special”.

advent calendar

The Advent Calendar, 7 days to go

This 1979 coloring book isn’t just A Charlie Brown Christmas, it’s The Charlie Brown Christmas. And that cover is sweet! Although the interior does have one thing that bugs my in coloring books: characters who have their mouths open, clearly talking, but there’s no word balloon or caption to tell …

advent calendar

The Advent Calendar, 8 days to go

If I liked the book from two days ago because it was a Christmas book with a cactus on the cover, and I liked the one yesterday because it was a Christmas book that was actually a Christmas ornament, then Snoopy: Desert Christmas is double-special… triple, if you count the …

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The Advent Calendar, 9 days to go

This mini version of the 1980 update of Christmas is Together Time (well, the original version actually had a hyphen, Together-Time) is on the list because it’s not just a Christmas book, its also a Christmas ornament!

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The Advent Calendar, 10 days to go

I like the strip collection Lighten Up, It’s Christmas – because it’s a Christmas book with a cactus on the cover!  

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The Advent Calendar, 11 days to go

Today’s entry is I Want A Dog For Christmas, Charlie Brown, because not all book adaptations are of A Charlie Brown Christmas, and even the third best Peanuts Christmas special is still pretty good.


Be covers to upcoming books

We’ve got covers for a couple of books that are coming out next February: Click on the covers to go preorder these books, or to go do other online shopping (we’re getting to the end of time when you can order with their free super-saver shipping and still get the …

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The Advent Calendar, 12 days to go

The cover of  It’s Christmas, a strip reprint from 1996, is a perfect Christmas image: children and animals dancing gleefully, unaware of the giftwrapped packages that are plummeting toward their fragile heads.

advent calendar

The Advent Calendar, 13 days to go

Hallmark places several books on this list, and that makes sense. While they aren’t a big book publisher, if there’s two things they’re big on, they’re Peanuts and Christmas.With the title of Christmas Time With Snoopy And His Friends, a major question opens up: while Woodstock is clearly Snoopy’s friend, …


Free Charlie Brown Christmas app

I am typing this on the new iPad I was given last night, and I am doing so in a Starbucks. Why? It is not for the coffee (I do to drink the stuff)… But because now that I have an appropriate iDevice, I want that well reviewed Charlie Brown …