Bulk Peanuts cheap

The folks at Hamilton Books have gotten ahold of the former big-box exclusive, the boxed set of paperback editions of the first three volumes of the Big Book of Peanuts series, collecting all the daily strips from the 1950s, ’60s, and ’70s. They’re offering it for a mere $30, which might make it a good chunk gift for the impending Christmas or the impending ridiculously soon Chanukah.

While the set does have a lot of strips, I must look askance at the Costco website’s claim that the set has “nearly 11,000 comic strips”. It seems mighty odd to list a number that’s under 10,000 as being “nearly 11,000”; I suspect someone just multiplied 30 years by 365 days, and didn’t realize that the set doesn’t have Sunday strips, and it wasn’t around for most of 1950.

Speaking of Costco, they do have Good Grief!: The Peanuts Collection, which is a boxed set of Peanuts storybooks. I like what they did with the spines of the books (and hey, kids can treat it as a puzzle, trying to get them back in the right order!) And the $25-including-shipping price is a good one, if you have the right audience for these.

book adaptations of A Charlie Brown Christmas

Remember a few posts back when I told you about the very fancy new book edition of A Charlie Brown Christmas that Hallmark put out… and that with a list price of $65, I would wait for a discount of some sort to order it? Well, that day has come. Hallmark …

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Snoopy the pirate, and more

Hallmark has some new Peanuts books, and they are nice looking items. Snoopy Says “Good Night” is a cloth book of Snoopy saying goodnight to various folks. A bit of bedtime reading that’s safe for your baby to grab, I suppose.   The Legend of Blackbeagle the Pirate is another …

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Celebrate Peanuts box set

Spotted and Costco (and apparently exclusive to them) is Celebrate Peanuts, a box set containing Celebrating Peanuts (the 60th anniversary strip collection, laden with quotes from Schulz) and Celebrating Snoopy (a similar volume focused on the beagle.) The original hardcovers of those two books have current list prices of $75 apiece, but these …