Review: Countdown to Christmas!

Countdown to Christmas! With a Story a Day is, to no one’s shock, the Christmas equivalent of Countdown to Halloween! With a Story a Day, providing one themed, illustrated Peanuts story for each day of the month up until the holiday… and as Christmas comes earlier in December than Halloween comes in October, that means a few fewer stories.

My reaction to the tales is mixed, with some doing an okay job capturing Peanuts, and others having a chara

cter act out of character so that a tale might have a happy ending. But then, I am about eight times the age of the people that these stories were meant for, and I expect that they have a very different relationship to Peanuts.

A few quick notes:

  • Eudora does make an appearance, for you Eudora fans.
  • The first story deals with Charlie Brown sending letters to Santa with the ZIP code 99999, when it turns out it should be 88888. Before any of you go “that’s ridiculous, the North Pole is, well, up on the North Pole, it won’t have a US Zone Improvement Program code,” I will note that the story is actually right; 88888 is the code for North Pole, DC, and letters addressed to Santa at 123 Elf Road, North Pole, 88888 end up in the hands of Operation Santa, which is designed to help get the wish lists of kids in need into hands of folks willing to fulfill them.
  • The second story has Lucy writing to Santa asking for “a bicycle and a puppy”. Who does she think she is, Rerun?
  • Rerun doesn’t make an appearance, for you Rerun fans.

The book is available for immediate shipping.

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