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Spotted and Costco (and apparently exclusive to them) is Celebrate Peanuts, a box set containing Celebrating Peanuts (the 60th anniversary strip collection, laden with quotes from Schulz) and Celebrating Snoopy (a similar volume focused on the beagle.) The original hardcovers of those two books have current list prices of $75 apiece, but these paperbacks are not just paperbacks, but also substantially reduced in dimensions, shrunk from a gotta-put-it-on-the-coffee-table 10″x13″ down to … well, I didn’t have a ruler to measure with at the time, but some more normal book size, and thus smaller reproduction. With that comes a reduction in price — $50 for the set.

These are very nice collections for those who don’t have or need The Complete Peanuts, a solid gift item (although I haven’t bought myself this reduced-size paperback set to see how the material holds up.) But don’t fall for the back cover text:

While there are a lot of Snoopy strips in the Snoopy book (the hardcover says about 2000, which sounds right), it is by no means every single comic strip in which he appears. (For that matter, I would ignore the ordering website that says it includes “Classic Peanut Comics”. Yikes!)

Costco members can order it online.

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