RIP M. Thomas Inge

We are hearing of the passage of pop culture historian M. Thomas Inge at the age of 85. Among his dozens of books about comics, there were two of particular interest to the AAUGH Blog crowd: My Life with Charlie Brown (collecting Schulz’s writings) and Charles M. Schulz: Conversations (collecting interviews with Schulz. Both books have proved quite useful for those studying Schulz.

More on Tom Inge, his life and work can be found at The Daily Cartoonist.

I never met Inge, only had a brief email exchange with him about a decade back… but just this week, I bought another book he had edited and was making plans to send him early copies of some things I’m working on. I am glad he was around.


Classified Peanuts

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Why your shipments are rescheduled

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Free Comic Book Day this coming Saturday

Coming up this Saturday, August 14, 2021, you’ll be able to walk into most comic book stores in the US and Canada and walk out with free comic books. (There are some stores that don’t participate, and a few that require a purchase to get the free ones… but they …