Review: Happiness Is Having a Friend

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I finally got my copy of Happiness Is Having a Friend (well, I got it a week ago; sorry about the slow posting, but life has been full of non-blog-related things.) This is a little hardback Peanuts book that is not meant for you to keep, but to fill in the blank spots and give as a gift (or a fancy hardcover gift card — really, I’m reminded of some of the Hallmark books from the 1970s that served that purpose.) Each spread has an image, and an incomplete phrase that you then customize to tell the recipient how you love them, cherish them, understand them, and other things that have nothing to do with flatulence.

Image of Snoopy sleeping on top of Charlie Brown on his bed. Text: Last night I dreamt that we BLANK.

Lucy looking at a sighing Charlie Brown, who has fallen after she pulled the football away. Text: Every time I think of our BLANK, I sigh.

Peppermint Patty dancing with Pig-Pen. Text: You accept me for who I am, BLANK and all.

Charlie Brown and Linus looking sombre, atop of the thinking wall. Text: When I'm in my "depressed stance," you know BLANK always cheers me up.

The book is fairly well designed for what its intended purpose. The art is attributed to Peanuts creator Charles M. Schulz and modern Peanuts regular Vicki Scott. Most of the things that you won’t want on the cover when you give it, such as the price and the UPC code, are on a sticker that you can remove before giving it. I presume the papers were chosen to accept writing, but have not put it to the test because I don’t have any frien…er…. because I’m a collector and I need to keep this in good condition!

(Okay, I really do have friends, but this is not how I’d communicate with them. But if I found a used one already filled out for sale cheap, I just might buy it, because I like books that have had a life. Am I inconsistent? You betcha!)

This book is available for immediate shipping.


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New releases
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