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What is the latest craze for unlicensed print-on-demand and Kindle Peanuts books? Let’s take a look!

All eight of these trivia books came out in the past 5 weeks. And all of them are pretty clearly unlicensed. Not that they don’t take copyright seriously, mind you. Copyright is a very serious matter, as some of them let you know.

Wow, copyright is so important, they make it the dedication! That’s… dedication! But don’t bother contacting “the publisher” if you detect an infringement, because while I cannot tell you who the publisher is, it is most definitely not publishing giant Macmillan.

But hey, not everyone cares about intellectual property restrictions (and to be clear, it’s legal to make a Peanuts trivia book, it’s not legal to use unlicensed by copyrighted Peanuts images on the cover, and there are some strong effective restrictions in how you can use “Peanuts” in the title.) Maybe you just want a good challenging batch of trivia questions so that you can feel smart about Peanuts. Let’s see if you can get this tricky one:

Not many people know this, but if you guessed A, you’re right! On to…

If you guessed C… you’re wrong! Also, if you guessed A, B, or D!! The correct number is… higher than any of those. How high? I don’t know. And if you think “oh AAUGH Blogger, you’re a Peanuts book specialist, you should know this,” I’ll tell you that this is actually a question that the folks that you think should know aren’t certain on, and research is being done.

But I’ll give you one last chance to get a right answer:

And that’s a question that I bet you’re having trouble answer. Its quality as a question is right up there with “Why is banana?” and “Chihuahua!”

Lucky for me, I’ve officially excluded “cheap knockoff print-on-demand books” from the types of Peanuts books I collect. You might do well to save your money as well.

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