Some things age badly, quickly

When this title came out in 2019, it sounded like a positive thing!

Stay safe, everybody.

Maybe he just has a really powerful comb

I know that it can be hard to interpret the Peanuts characters for 3-D, and particularly to stylize them, but in this new set of blind bag ornaments from Hallmark, Linus appears to have cornrows. 40 SHARES Share Tweet this thing Follow the AAUGH Blog

Twerski’s fifth book

AAUGH Blog reader Asher asked me about the reference in the Tablet article that I linked to yesterday to Rabbi Twerski having written a fifth Peanuts-illustrated book, What’s the Big Deal?, which was issued translated into Japanese but never in its native English. He was wanting more information on it, …

Abraham J. Twerski passes away

Covid-19 has taken away from us a well-respected man who was one of the more respected authors to wield Peanuts in a significant way. Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski died today in Israel, Twerski, the son of a line of respected rabbinical schoolars who became a psychiatrist specializing in substance abuse, …