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We’ve got the cover for some of this fall’s books.

The cover for the paperback version of The Complete Peanuts volume 16, including all the strips from 1981 and 1982, has a rather pleasing set of colors… but what is up with that font? It looks like the font that you use when you want to invoke ancient languages from before the time of typesetting, whether it be Latin, Greek, or hieroglyphics. That E is particularly distracting. But there are lots of good Peanuts strips inside!

The boxed set with all the strips from 1979 through 1982 matches that, but even small on the edge of the book, that E is just attacking my eyeball. It be so pointy!

I had hoped that the cover to Snoopy Flies to the Rescue would let us see what this “steering wheel” you use to “steer the story” looks like, but no such luck. (Of course, a real Sopwith Camel would not have a steering wheel but a stick. You can probably also steer an actual camel with a stick, but it’s better to be nice.)


Upcoming releases
Collectible cards

Penguin Workship has announced the Happiness Is a Four-Book Classic Box Set, an October release which will contain their reprints of I Need All the Friends I Can Get, Happiness Is a Warm Puppy, Security Is a Thumb and a Blanket, and Love Is Walking Hand in Hand, all for …

book adaptations of A Charlie Brown Christmas
There will be a Christmas in 2022!

It’s the new year, and with a new year comes, of course a new Christmas, waiting just around the corner. Well, not around the near corner, but it’s somewhere around the far corner of the year, so we might as well be working toward it. Will this year bring us …

Upcoming releases
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Titan Comics has announced that March will bring us  Peanuts: The Classic Peanuts Collection, a boxed set of their reprints of the early Peanuts strip collections. This will include the volumes Peanuts, More Peanuts and  Good Ol’ Charlie Brown. All the fun of Peanuts books, combined with all the fun of a …