Christmas is still here!

New releases

I finally remembered to pick up Christmas is Here! Holiday Gift Set, which packages a stuffed Snoopy wearing a stocking cap (yes, it’s hard to see when it’s in the box, but it is there) with a “Look-and-Find” board book. (It says that it’s a “First Look and Find”; perhaps that should be a “First Look and Then Find”)

The book is not just a reprint of Peanuts Look and Find, which itself was a reduced-sized reprint of the Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown Look and Find… but it is an abridgment thereof, just fewer spreads, presented in board book form.

This is a perfectly serviceable gift, if Christmas pops up unexpectedly. Eighteen bucks ain’t exactly a bargain for a board book and a stuffed animal, and I suspect that the age range for “still reading board books” and “has enough attention to look and to find” may be a rather narrow one.

Classic finds
Mission Unaccomplished

In response to my earlier post about the two “It’s Only a Game” pamphlets, Schulz Museum curator Benjamin Clark dropped me a line. Did he have information about the where, the when, the how, and the why these were published? No, but he did have one devastating fact to give …

Classic finds
It’s Only A… Wait, What Is It?

Today, I finally obtained an item that I’d sought for  a decade, something that I had once let slip through my hands when it went for three figures at an auction, but hadn’t seen available since. And now it’s in my hands… but I still can’t tell you what it …

New releases
The AAUGH Blogger’s Odd Experience

I was picking up some stuff at big-box retailer Costco, and as I normally do, I checked out their books table to see if they have any new books out. Costco often gets custom boxed sets and books available nowhere else, so it’s worth checking. And I find a box …