The Peanuts Movie’s animation studio closes

Animated Peanuts

Blue Sky Studios, the animation house behind the lush and enthusiastic The Peanuts Movie has been shut down . The studio had been part of Fox, and moved to Disney as part of the their big Fox buyout a couple years back. Blue Sky is best known for the Ica Age and Rio films.

This is not a shock, given the tough moment for the entertainment business, and that Disney already has multiple animation divisions. I do hope that many of the employees get snatched up by other animation houses — luckily, we are no longer in the days when Disney was 95% of the feature animation business.

(But at least this may put a stop to the “will they put out a sequel to The Peanuts Movie” question. They were never going to put out a sequel; while the film was very well reviewed, it was one of their lower grossing movies.)


Animated Peanuts
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Animated Peanuts
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Animated Peanuts
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