Lotsa new book coming

Upcoming releases

Okay, normally I’d take this bunch of new book announcements for the fall and cover releases and break it into several posts, but I feel like getting this out of the way.

  • We have a cover… well, a box… for the A Charlie Brown Christmas Book and Tree and Music kit.
  • Snoopy Flies to the Rescue! is a “Steer-the-Story” book, which means it has a steering wheel built into the cover, as well as liftable flaps and a single pop-up. Art by the mighty Robert Pope. Comes in August
  • Snoopy’s Happy Tales! is one of those books where they take five of the existing storybooks and put them into a single hardcover. In this case, it has Snoopy Goes to School, Snoopy Takes Off!, Shoot for the Moon, Snoopy!, Best Friend for Snoopy, and Woodstock’s First Flight!
  • Nest Friends is another adaptation of a story from the Apple TV+ animated Peanuts series.
  • That book of Peanuts mazes by Mazetoons creator (and frequent Schulz Museum guest) Joe Wos has a name – A-Maze-Ing Peanuts – and a release date in September.
  • And if you want a lot of Peanuts stories, Countdown to Christmas! should deliver that to you, with 25 tales packed into 64 pages, making it like an advent calendar of storytelling.

And by the way, if you want to know how the whack-a-mole against bootleg Peanuts Kindle books are going, the reupload that I told you about a couple days ago are already deleted…. and new editions are already up, this time by authors Marry V Chapman and Aimee D Morrell replacing Dolores J Douglas and Celia D Lennon. How many rounds of this will they go through before someone either finds a way to stop it or gives up?

Meanwhile, John Ragin Jr., the author of blank notebooks, used a curiously decapitated Charlie Brown on the cover to a number of them. I expect that the NFL team logos on these are just as licensed as the Peanuts characters are! (Even on the one that uses the already-retired name and logo of the Washington Football Team.)

Upcoming releases
A Snoopy Tale cover reveal

Here we have the cover for the upcoming Peanuts storybook A Snoopy Tale, based on the forthcoming Apple TV+ series The Snoopy Show.

Upcoming releases
Cover reveal: When Snoopy Met Woodstock

So we’ve got the cover to next summer’s storybook, When Snoopy Met Woodstock. And, unsurprisingly for a book that’s a tie in to the upcoming Apple TV+ series┬áThe Snoopy Show, it has an animated look to it. I’m curious about this one, and whether they’ll embrace the material from the …

Animated Peanuts
Scotland Bound, Charlie Brown is now available for pre-order!

The Peanuts graphic novel adapting the unproduced TV special that I announced a while back can now be preordered! Yup, it’s Scotland Bound, Charlie Brown, and perhaps it’s just the thing for some Peanuts lover or Scotland lover on your gift list – and by giving them a notice that …