REVIEW: It’s Springtime, Snoopy!

A board book is reviewproof, at least in the traditional levels of review. After all, you have a perfectly adequate board book with nothing but a series of pictures of fruit, or letters of the alphabet. It doesn’t have to have a plot. It just has to have pages that a young’un can stare at, or stick in their mouth.

It’s Springtime, Snoopy!, the latest Peanuts board book, does have a plot. Snoopy spend a spring day doing a series of things What it doesn’t have is a story; one event doesn’t really cause the next. And it only has slight attempts at humor. I do not recommend this book for those over the age of 3, which is fine, because it’s a board book, it’s not meant for those over the age of 3.

What I’m saying is that I apologize for not having a reviewer under the age of 3 to handle this stuff. And for not having tasted the book, which is actually a significant factor in a board book’s appeal.

I was going to post some pictures of the book, but for some reason my webhost is giving me problems… so you can go to the book’s Amazon page to see them instead.


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