2021 shall not be a barren year, in the most vital way

Not the actual cover. I hope.

Coming in September is the the thing that mankind cherishes most of all (well, at least if I’m a totally random sample): a new book edition of  A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Oh, not totally new. This is Running Press, who have recycled the same little 128 page mini-book edition since 2003, and will presumably be doing so again. But this time they’re doing as part of a little book-and-tree box set… which they first did in 2007. But this time, the book and tree have music! (I presume it’s push-the-button-and-music-plays music, and not some tiny piece of sheet music.)

They also used this adaptation in 2008, 2010. (This new release is listed as 128 pages, so its not the 48 page adaptation they used in 2012, nor the shorter, coloring one they used in 2016., nor the 32 page edition from 2018.)

I have to give points for the current official title being A Charlie Brown Christmas: Book and Tree Kit: With music! It’s not often that a book title has two colons and an exclamation point. That’s getting your money’s worth, punctuationwise!

book adaptations of A Charlie Brown Christmas
As long as we’re in A Charlie Brown Christmas book season

I was recently looking over some of the coverage of the Schulzes opening their ice rink in Santa Rosa, and I noticed that a couple of papers had added illustrations. One used this picture: …which is pretty obviously a narrowed tracing of this Dale Hale drawing from the first book …

book adaptations of A Charlie Brown Christmas
Mystery solved

Up until today, I only had a guess of the year that this boxed set, With LOVE from Charlie Brown, collecting six World Publishing adaptations of animated Peanuts specials was issued. But today, I found this ad, which ran in the magazine insert Family Weekly, which was included in various newspapers on …

book adaptations of A Charlie Brown Christmas
The Best Time of the Year

Longtime readers of the blog know that my favorite time of the year is when the new book adaptations of the TV special A Charlie Brown Christmas arrive, and that in the current century, that usually means that I have several such joyous days per year. This year’s first such day brings …