The reason for the season

Happy Beethoven’s Birthday!

My gift to you on this festive day: this blatantly unlicensed ad from a 1970 issue of The Voice, a Catholic weekly serving the Miami area.

that girl, that ball, that quality

I was walking through the early morning, getting my exercise and listening to the most recent episode of Amicus, my first sampling the podcast of the great journalist Dahlia Lithwick, This episode (and it looks like a few episodes in a row before) was focused on the various ways in which …

Welcome to 2021

  On Christmas, my kids gave me this daily-updatable Peanuts calendar figure – Charlie Brown with a book, how appropriate for me. And this morning I was tempt to set it to DECEMBER 32, just to make it look like the troublesome year that we just went through was going …

online Peanuts event

The folks at the publisher Library of America, who put out the essay collection The Peanuts Papers about a year back, wanted me to let you now about an online event they’re throwing. Next Wednesday, at 6 PM Eastern time, 3 PM California time, and right on the hour wherever …