A Charlie Brown Christmas again… this time in book form!

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We here at the AAUGH Blog have many elves… in this case, an elf named Jim, who happened to spot something in his local Costco that I had not seen at mine just three days ago, but which I am thrilled to say was in there when I went shortly before closing tonight (trying to avoid COVID-laced crowds.) It’s… a book edition of A Charlie Brown Christmas!

Now I know what you hardcore AAUGH-Blog-memorizers are saying: isn’t that this edition that I raved about for its great pop-ups just a few weeks back?

Well yes, and no. It’s the same book (at least, I’m pretty sure it is! I’ve not yet unshrinkwrapped it!) But this one is in a slipcase! It has a different ISBN! It’s a different edition!! And not only that, it’s a great deal; at Costco, it’s a mere $19.99. And that may be where you have to get it… this one is not getting circulated to the standard book market. I can only find one listing for this ISBN online. And it looks like this:

You think that’s underwhelming? This is a listing that ran alongside it as a related book!

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