The Eternal Questions

Some holidays have questions attached. For example, the seder, the traditional meal ceremony that begins the Jewish holiday of Passover, features a quarter of questions built around the theme of “why is this night different from all other nights?” Valentine’s Day has “Do you love me?” April Fool’s Day has “Do you have Dr. Pepper in a bottle?” And here at the AAUGH Blog, we’ve discovered that the Christmas season comes with the question “Is Costco finally going to carry the logical fifth and final volume of The Big Book of Peanuts series, covering all the daily strips from the 1990s?”

Well, the answer is no… but there is actually some interesting Big Book of Peanuts news. Costco does have a new product this year – a boxed set named Peanuts by the Decade, which has the first three volumes of The Big Book of Peanuts series, in paperback for the first time. So for $49.99, you get all the daily strips from 1950 through 1979, that’s over 9000 strips, for a fraction of a cent apiece. (But then you’ll want the last two decades. Dare we hope that next year brings a boxed set with the 1980s volume and the previously unavailable 1990s?)

Costco is only offering this set at their warehouses; it is not available from them online.

Now shipping
Celebrate Peanuts box set

Spotted and Costco (and apparently exclusive to them) is Celebrate Peanuts, a box set containing Celebrating Peanuts (the 60th anniversary strip collection, laden with quotes from Schulz) and Celebrating Snoopy (a similar volume focused on the beagle.) The original hardcovers of those two books have current list prices of $75 apiece, but these …

Now shipping
Charlie Brown’s America now e-shipping

Blake Scott Ball’s political analysis Charlie Brown’s America is now shipping… for the Kindle. Those of us who prefer to have trees murdered to make our books will just have to wait four weeks. 40 SHARES Share Tweet this thing Follow the AAUGH Blog

Discounting Charlie Brown’s politics

While Amazon is still listing Charlie Brown’s America at full cover price for preorder, the publisher is offering a discount on copies ordered from them…. if you have the secret discount code. Which I have now swiped from them, as part of my secret plans to cost them money and …