Franklin, the radio drama


I’m posting this before listening to it, so I can’t make any comments on the quality, but BBC 4 Radio just released their audio drama about the correspondence between Harriet Glickman and Charles Schulz that lead to the introduction of Franklin in Peanuts. Go listen.

I wish Harriet had lived to see this day, both because she would have gotten to hear this, and because it would’ve made her happy to vote blue in today’s election. (Have you gotten out to vote yet?)

Yes, I’m talking about the Franklin radio drama again

  Yes, I’m talking about the Franklin radio drama yet again. I realize that I spoke sloppily last time when I said that I could not vouch for the accuracy of the conversations that took place. That’s acting as if they were supposed to be accurate.   This radio piece …

Folks have always gotten Peanuts wrong

Occasionally, I flinch hard at some error I see in writing about Peanuts. It’s always tempting to think “people have gotten real sloppy about such things.” Well, I was just doing some research about Happiness is a Warm Puppy, and I ran into this piece of writing from an issue …

Out of the evacuation zone

Breath easy (although if you’re around here, not too deeply.) The evacuation zone has been pulled back, the Schulz Museum is now outside of it. As for the AAUGH offices… well, we’re much closer to fires than we were this time yesterday. The Reagan Library is about 10 miles away. …