Even completer


If you try to buy ebook versions of The Complete Peanuts, you’ll discover something interesting – there’s 32 volumes, instead of the 26 of the hardcover ones.

What’s up? Well, instead of just counting The Complete Peanuts volumes in their digital book total, Amazon is considering all of the Peanuts books that Fantagraphics has put out digitally as part of the series. So things like Charlie Brown’s Christmas Stocking and the Snoopy vs. the Red Baron themed collection are counted as part of the set. This is, of course, ridiculous; the content of these books are basically all found in the actual Complete Peanuts volumes. Wisely, if you look at the actual listings for the hardcovers of these stray volumes, you’ll find that they’ve been grouped as the “Peanuts Seasonal Collection”, which makes more sense.

(Thanks to AAUGH Blog reader Asher for asking me about this.)


The annual shopping guide

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Beware fake Schulz

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Classified Peanuts

If you’ve read a lot of Peanuts reprint books, you’ve probably at some point read the June, 1962 storyline where Linus’s blanket got turned into a kite, which in turn got carried away by the winds. You may even have seen this panel: That panel showed up the in the …