Schulz’s Youth – still available!

I sometimes lament that Schulz’s Youth, the book I compiled as the most complete collection of Schulz’s cartoons for the Church of God, is out of print. This is, after all material that is mostly not in print anywhere. However, when I say that, I should remember that “out of print” means “not available from the publisher” (me), not “not available at all”.

The book went out of print because I only had a limited-time license on the cartoons. However, when the end of that time was coming up, I gave the Schulz Museum a very good deal on some remaining copies… and they still have some. So if you want this book (and you should!), head on over to the Charles M. Schulz Museum Store Site! You get a good book, and the money goes to a good place!

(Thanks to curator Benjamin L. Clark for the reminder!)

Bird On Skates!

I’ve never bought anything from the folks at Hammacher Schlemmer, but I guess they knew I’d want a copy of their catalog with Peanuts on the cover, so they sent it to me. (And if you didn’t get a catalog, but would like to order this item, you can order …

Peaaaaanutttts Booookss innnnnn SPAAAAAAACE!

So you do want to have astronaut Chris Cassidy on the International Space Station read you Peanuts books, right? Well, here’s two of them! Snoopy, First Beagle on the Moon! Shoot for the Moon, Snoopy!

A fictionalized Kennedy reads Peanuts

The latest book from me (with my publisher hat on) is an expansion of a book I issued and let go out of print a decade back, a collection of Miss Caroline, a gag cartoon series from 1963 about Caroline Kennedy and her place as a child in the White House. …