New TV Specials Coming!

Animated Peanuts

In the midst of the announcement that Apple TV+ has the rights to the classic specials, I almost overlooked their announcement of the quantity of NEW Peanuts material they’ll be bringing. I had assumed that the announcement of The Snoopy Show would mean no more Snoopy in Space, but wrong I am! A second season of that has been announced. Plus, three new holidays specials – one for Mother’s Day, one for Earth Day (which I guess is the final official eclipse for the Arbor Day special), one for back-to-school (“when will that actually happen” he asks, looking at the kids on Zoom conference in the living room), and a new one for New Year’s Eve (and let’s face it, the existing Happy New Years, Charlie Brown! is really about New Year’s Eve, not New Year’s Day.)

So if you like animated Peanuts, there’s a lot coming your way.

(We’re at the point with number of streaming services that I will join one for a month or two, catch up on everything, then cancel it and subscribe to the next. Ideally, I’ll cycle through everything each year.)

Animated Peanuts
Peanuts specials back on broadcast TV

As seen in this article in Variety, Apple is pulling off a brilliant public relations move by allowing broadcast airings this year of A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and A Charlie Brown Christmas… on PBS! That’s a great no-commercial-interruptions place to air these beloved works. Thankgiving will be broadcast this Sunday, and Christmas comes …

Animated Peanuts
Reminder: Great Pumpkin is now streaming for free

I just checked, and I could indeed get Its the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown streaming for free. You have to have a device with an AppleTV app, and you have to have an Apple ID, but those are both free to get. And they appear to be running it without commercials …

Animated Peanuts
Thought on the Apple TV+ deal

The Apple TV+ deal folds in well with thoughts I’ve long had about television in the modern era. Now, I’m not talking about the new material being produced – that is an unalloyed good thing. But I am talking about the removal of the Big Three Peanuts specials from the …