More animated Peanuts coming!

As part of today’s 70th-anniversary-of-Peanuts celebration, Apple TV has announced a new series. The Snoopy Show will launch in February, 2021.

(For those who cannot see the trailer below, it’s here.)

Animated Peanuts
Thought on the Apple TV+ deal

The Apple TV+ deal folds in well with thoughts I’ve long had about television in the modern era. Now, I’m not talking about the new material being produced – that is an unalloyed good thing. But I am talking about the removal of the Big Three Peanuts specials from the …

Animated Peanuts
New TV Specials Coming!

In the midst of the announcement that Apple TV+ has the rights to the classic specials, I almost overlooked their announcement of the quantity of NEW Peanuts material they’ll be bringing. I had assumed that the announcement of The Snoopy Show would mean no more Snoopy in Space, but wrong I am! A …

Animated Peanuts
It’s Off the Network, Charlie Brown?

I’ve been getting email asking me about this year’s airing of It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, because it wasn’t listed as coming up on the ABC schedule. And I was checking that schedule just the other day, and it still wasn’t there… and usually, it airs once early in the …