Hourglass figuring

Friend-of-the-blog Tim Chow calls attention to the final panel from the March 2, 1986 Sunday strip, as reproduced in the just-released volume 8 of Peanuts Every Sunday.

That hourglass, well it isn’t going to work. It’s too full of sand. All the sand of an hourglass has to fit in one half of the device; when all that sand passes from the top half to the bottom half, you know that the time is up.

But this error isn’t Schulz’s fault, which we will see if we look at a black-and-white version of the panel.

There’s a lot of sand drawn in the top, a few grains falling into the bottom, which is as it should be. But was the error introduced in the original coloring, or was it added in recoloring for this big, beautiful book? Well, this is how the panel appeared on the front page of the funnies section in the March 2, 1986 Chicago Tribune:

That looks better, at least in terms of the hourglass. (The blue glove is another matter.) And that’s today’s entry in the AAUGH Blog’s pointless nitpicking!