The phantom Big Books of Peanuts

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I get this question from time to time… is there any plans for a fifth and final Big Book of Peanuts?

For those who have not seen this series, there were four volumes of The Big Book of Peanuts issued, each a hardback that included all of the Peanuts dailies (i.e., not Sunday strips) for an entire decade. They were big, cheap (about $20 apiece, or less than a penny per strip), and available only at Costco, who offered one new volume per year during the Christmas shopping season (often making previous volumes available as well) for four straight years. I don’t have any great inside insights, but at this point, I’m certainly not holding my breath. I suspect those four are all we’ll see… in English.

Y’see, The Big Book of Peanuts series was a translation (or, really, a de-translation) of an Italian series, Il grande libro dei Peanuts, and in that series, they actually had that fifth volume that we live without.

And if that volume (which was published both on its own and as part of a box set with the 1980s volume) already making you jealous, what I’m about to tell you might turn you solid green:

They also have five books collecting all the Sunday strips.

Covers to the five volumes of Sunday Grande Libro Peanuts collectionYes, yes, we do have The Complete Peanuts in English. We do have all the daily and Sunday strips, in a much more graceful format.  But, but… still want!



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