Review: Snoopy Goes to Space

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The “book and flashlight set” Snoopy Goes to Space is another boxed set item from Phoenix International. The book is one of those sound-button books for kids, where as you read, the text include pictures of buttons to push. Push the button, and you get the appropriate sound effect. The one odd thing about this example is that the sound buttons are not built into the book, but into an accompanying flashlight (which makes sense from an expense standpoint, as you can have one set of batteries.)

The book’s art is recycled Tom Brannon art that had been used in last year’s Snoopy in Space Happy Meal books, the text appears to be original. The book, which is a board book, has one other special feature: stamped foil highlights. You are encouraged to shine the flashlight on the art to make it shine and glow. Although the metallic, glowy orange slices seem worrisome, somehow.

All in all, it’s a perfectly serviceable if slightly overpriced ($15.99) item for kids on the upper end of the board book age range (since they’ll be expected to handle the flashlight and its buttons.) But this wouldn’t be an AAUGH Blog review if I didn’t find some excuse for a little gentle snark, and lucky for me, the back of the box provides just that:

Bullet reading "5 buttons on the flashlight play outer space sounds."

“5 buttons on the flashlight play outer space sounds”

Outer space sounds? There is no sound in outer space! It’s a vacuum, with no medium to carry sound. Remember: in space, no one can hear you scream “AAUGH!”

Good grief.

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