Christmas Is Here is Coming… Again

Upcoming releases

Announced for October is Christmas Is Here! Holiday Gift Set, a boxed set of a book and stuffed Snoopy wearing a cap. This makes me tense on a number of fronts.

  • It’s published by Phoenix International. In the past, when their products show up on Amazon, they don’t always ever actually ship from Amazon, leaving me hunting down another source.
  • The Christmas is Here! title was used for a different Peanuts book last year.
  • This book does not appear in the publisher’s 2020 catalog… but something else I appear to have missed does.
  • These boxed sets take up a lot of valuable shelf space.
  • The book is listed as a “First Look-and-Find.” A previous boxed set they issued has a “Little First Look-and-Find.” How am I supposed to know the order?
  • The book appears to be a rework of the Merry Christmas Charlie Brown Look-and-Find… or should I say another rework, as that book was already reworked as Look-and-Find Peanuts. It would not surprise me in the least if it had the exact same interior as that book.
  • And yet…I will hunt this down and buy it! Because, having a different tile, it is technically a different book to me! Kids, don’t try this mania at home!

Upcoming releases
Fully A-Maze-ing

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Upcoming releases
A-Maze-Ing cover

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Upcoming releases
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