Christmas Is Here is Coming… Again

Upcoming releases

Announced for October is Christmas Is Here! Holiday Gift Set, a boxed set of a book and stuffed Snoopy wearing a cap. This makes me tense on a number of fronts.

  • It’s published by Phoenix International. In the past, when their products show up on Amazon, they don’t always ever actually ship from Amazon, leaving me hunting down another source.
  • The Christmas is Here! title was used for a different Peanuts book last year.
  • This book does not appear in the publisher’s 2020 catalog… but something else I appear to have missed does.
  • These boxed sets take up a lot of valuable shelf space.
  • The book is listed as a “First Look-and-Find.” A previous boxed set they issued has a “Little First Look-and-Find.” How am I supposed to know the order?
  • The book appears to be a rework of the Merry Christmas Charlie Brown Look-and-Find… or should I say another rework, as that book was already reworked as Look-and-Find Peanuts. It would not surprise me in the least if it had the exact same interior as that book.
  • And yet…I will hunt this down and buy it! Because, having a different tile, it is technically a different book to me! Kids, don’t try this mania at home!

Upcoming releases
I put the “facts” in “factsimile”!

Titan Books has announced an April release for a facsimile edition of 1965’s Sunday’s Fun Day, Charlie Brown. It’s described as “The 11th Facsimile edition of the original 1960 classic Peanuts paperbacks first published in 1965 featuring 126 Sunday Peanuts newspaper strips from 1962-1965.” I have a couple of things …

Upcoming releases
What What Cartooning Really Is really looks like

The intended cover image for What Cartooning Really Is, Fantagraphics upcoming collection of interviews with Schulz, has been updated. It is no longer going to look like this: It is now slated to look like this: By the way, if you ordered this book from Amazon and received a cancellation …

Here comes the parade!

Finally available for pre-order is The Complete History of Peanuts on Parade: A Tribute to Charles M. Schulz: Volume One: The St. Paul Years. This is, in addition to being a book with three colons in its title, a photo-heavy history of the projects where various artists customized Peanuts statues and …