Sally goes to space!

Upcoming releases

We’ve got some more storybooks coming up at the end of the year and the start of next.

Probably the most intriguing title is December’s Space Traveler Sally Brown. Sally is writing a report about another famous Sally, Sally Ride, the US’s first female in space (because Alice Kramden never did make it to the moon, despite threats.) And young miss Brown decides that the proper form of research is to go in space herself. There’s also… and yes, the solicitation does use this term… some “nonfiction facts” about female astronauts in the back. Text by Ximena Hastings, art by Scott Jeralds.

After that, also up is It’s Springtime, Snoopy!, which is reusing a title of a 1984 book, but is a new board book by Tina Gallo and Scott Jeralds. The solicitation promises that the book will be “super chubby”! (But hey, I’m feeling the lockdown pounds myself.)

There’s also a boxed set of previously-issued board books, with Celebrate You!, Do Your Happy Dance!, and Be Kind, Be Brave, Be You! all in one case.

Upcoming releases
Be Thankful, Be Giving cover

This is the solicited cover for Be Thankful, Be Giving, a new board book coming in September and available now for preorder.

Animated Peanuts
a 2-D cover for a 3-D Christmas

We have a cover for this year’s new book edition of A Charlie Brown Christmas, which is a pop-up book.Now, when I heard that there was going to be a pop-up book, I thought it might be a book market edition of the pop-up that Hallmark stores had last year, …

Upcoming releases
Not a cook book, a cookbook

Coming in September is Peanuts Lunch Bag Cookbook. Now, you may think that you have this already, as an item from the 1970s, but noooo, that was Peanuts Lunch Bag Cook Book, an entirely different thing, just count the words. Oh, okay, the concepts are much the same, recipe books accompanied by …