Vegas sports books are closed, but now there’s Peanuts ones

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AAUGH Blog fan Scott pointed out to me that Costco now has an exclusive box set of Peanuts books. The boxed set Game Day contains four new Peanuts reprint books, each focused on sports. The books are

  • Baseball
  • Football & basketball
  • Tennis & golf
  • Hockey & ice skating

Over 800 pages total, in a slipcase, all published by Fantagraphics.

I stopped by my local Costco today. (They’re not handing out samples these days, and I ended up buying $250 worth of food. I guess that’s what happens when you shop hungry!) The didn’t have any copies, so I ordered them online. Costco is a membership-based club, so only Costco members can order.  I’ll let you know what I think of them once they arrive.

Section from a coloring book cover with Peanuts and Snoopy logos
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All the moles in a whack-a-mole game are fake

AAUGH Blog reader Caren noted that the bootleg Peanuts ebooks I linked to the other day had already been deleted, so victory, right? Of course not. Two days after my post, the same fake editions had already been re-uploaded. The timeless work of Dolores J Douglas endures, as does that …

The Eternal Questions

Some holidays have questions attached. For example, the seder, the traditional meal ceremony that begins the Jewish holiday of Passover, features a quarter of questions built around the theme of “why is this night different from all other nights?” Valentine’s Day has “Do you love me?” April Fool’s Day has …

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This Year’s Stocking Stuffer

With my publisher hat on, I’ve been reprinting Schulz’s other newspaper feature, It’s Only a Game, in various forms for years. At this point, you can still get the big book with the complete run of the series in color. A few years back, I introduced Bridge Mix, a smaller black-and-white book aimed …