Entdecke den Snoopy in dir

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I just preordered myself a copy of Entdecke den Snoopy in dir, a book that excites me more than most of my fine AAUGH Blog fans… because it’s the German-language edition of Be More Snoopy, my upcoming, upbeat, and hopefully uproarious self-help gift book! This edition, like the English-language one, is shipping in September.

There is some odd thrill in having a book that you’ve written but that you can’t read. Oh okay, I can probably pick out a word here and there, from my one year of high school German some four decades back. (My teacher was Frau Spanier, which is, of course, German for Mrs. Spaniard.) My German is probably better than my Hebrew, but not quite as good as my Spanish, which, despite having to go two times through Spanish 101, I probably maintain because Spanish is all around here in my Southern Californian time with a Spanish name.

But if I had to be able to read all the Peanuts books I have, I’ve got a lot of learning ahead of me… or I’ve got to get rid of a lot of foreign books!

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