Coming: the sure cure for what ails you

Animated Peanuts

When I am down, facing troubles, there is nothing that helps me muddle through more than having something to look forward to. And while life has tossed me some challenges lately, it has also given me something to keep me going, the very sort of thing that gets me through life: a new book edition of A Charlie Brown Christmas!

Coming in September is a pop-up edition of the beloved television special, adapted by Maggie Tesla and illustrated bi Vicki Scott. Now is this a rework of the non-pop-up 2017 edition that those two crafted? Maybe. The cover certainly reflects the same colored-shapes-without-outlines esthetic of that previous version.

The eyes of Charles Schulz from a book cover
Upcoming releases
Ooh, ooh, I know the answer to this one!

Coming next March is Who was Charles Schulz?, a biography for kids that is part of a large Who is/was line published by Penguin Workshop (which really sounds like a place that you want to work, doesn’t it?) One hundred and twelve pages writ by Joan Holub and illustrated by Tim …

A Charlie Brown Christmas
The “A Charlie Brown Christmas” pre-screener?

While I was doing research on the book adaptations of A Charlie Brown Christmas for yesterday’s post, I was delving into online newspaper archives – which is a great black hole for me, drawing me in and destroying the rest of my world. I get off on tangents, investigate odd …

Upcoming releases
Kids books to come

We’ve got the latest batch of solicitations, announcing two books for December and one for next March. If I Gave the World My Blanket is a board book with verse about caring, and not, as you may suspect, a sequel to If You Give a Mouse A Cookie nor Lucy’s …