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When digging into those Schulz/Kelly letters, at first I missed what else it is that the Minnesota History Center has on hand – the original paste-ups and other material related to Me and Charlie Brown: a Book of Good Griefs. This is a book that was written by the original Charlie Brown, Schulz’s coworker at Art Instruction whose name Schulz repeatedly used in Li’l Folks and then as the central character in Peanuts. (Here’s a page about Brown, for the curious; he ended up running a juvenile detention center, so was involved with kids in his own way.) I wonder if their collection of materials has any of the content that was intended for books 2 and 3 of the autobiography, which were planned but never released. (Probably not.) Me and Charlie Brown is awkwardly written, and only a small portion of the book involves Brown’s relationship with Schulz and Peanuts (it is much more concerned with matters of faith and alcoholism), so this is a pretty deep dive concern that few would be interested in, but I can’t be the only one, can I? Well, if you’re one of the others, and you happen to find yourself in Minnesota, this is something you can look into!


Not That Charlie Brown

I posted recently about that other Charlie Brown, the one who is about to be the Chief of Staff of the US Air Force. Here he is, showing what kind of a person he is. (If you get the AAUGH Blog by email, you may need to click through to …

Not That Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown, Chief of Staff

President Trump has announced his pick for the next Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force, and his pick is… Charlie Brown! Charles Q. Brown, Jr., will become the first African-American to hold a Chief of Staff position in any of the U.S. military branches. He is currently …

Not That Charlie Brown
A better pitcher than Charlie Brown

Ladies, gentlemen, and those who identify otherwise, let me introduce you to: Charlie Brown! Charles Edward Brown was a professional baseball pitcher… briefly. In 1897 he pitched four games for the Cleveland Spiders, a Major League Baseball team of the day. This left-hander started four games, and is credited with …