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My review for this year’s Hallmark book adaptation of A Charlie Brown Christmas included my being confused by its 2018 copyright date, and coming up with the very logical theory that the book was prepared for release last year but got delayed in some form. It was a carefully-wrought conjecture, filled with a high level of analysis. An as happens most of the time when I try to apply my little brain to things, it turned out quite wrong.

The artist of this adaptation, Rich LaPierre, saw my review and dropped me a line, noting “It wasn’t delayed. As a matter of fact, I started illustrating it in December of 2018 but I did most of it in early 2019. Maybe it was a mistake.”

That would seem to be the case. Just to confuse things further, I checked the government online records, and while there are plenty of copyrights for works named “A Charlie Brown Christmas”, the most recent was for the Simon & Schuster adaptation of 2017. Nothing registered for 2018 or 2019… yet. (As a newly-published item, it may still be in the process of registration.)

New releases
Superman’s Pal, Famous Fussbudget

This cover, one of a couple for the recent issue 7 of the current Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen series, is by my ol’ pal Steve Lieber (we wrote The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Creating a Graphic Novel together.)

New releases
Review: No Rest for the Easter Beagle

When you work on Peanuts stories for the beyond-the-strip media, you are told not to modernize them. Even though you shouldn’t shout “this takes place in the past”, the Peanuts kids will continue to inhabit a world filled with wired telephones, where the kids play with marbles but not fidget …

New releases
Peanuts: Scent book review

Korean publisher… no, wait, not generally… Korean scent-products manufacturer, put out a pair of volumes titled Peanuts: You Are a Loving Person and Your Life will be Filled with Scent, volumes 1 and 2. These were available through Nordstrom’s in the US, although I only latched on to that fact in time …