AAUGH-adjacent fire news

I feel a little odd posting this, but since I gave the information that the fires you were hearing about, I thought I’d better update. You remember me telling you that AAUGH Central was 10 miles from the fire? Well, that was the Easy Fire (named for its local, not for how simple it was to deal with), which was the second-largest of the recently started fires in California. It’s that red area circled by the blue evacuation area over at the right of this map.

Well, it’s no longer the second largest. It has lost that title to the Maria fire, that much-closer-to-us red blob over towards the left (and this is a slightly old map; Maria has now covered 5 times as much as Easy.) Maria is and will presumably remain the second largest, it’s 1/9th the size of that Kincaid fire that is up Santa Rosa-ward… but whereas the Kincaid is 60% contained and most of the evacuations have been rolled back, this new one is at 0%.

BUT: the experts are saying that Maria’s not likely to grow more than 50% bigger than it is running out of fuel in some areas and has boundaries in others. The weather is getting much better in terms of wind and temperature. We here are prepared, but not worried, and you should not worry on our behalf.

Nat news
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