A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving… AAUGH Blog style

Two weeks ago, a member of the family noted that they didn’t really want to put up with tie big Thanksgiving meal this year. As the only thing I’d purchase for it was the crescent rolls, and one family member really wanted a “family event”, I offered up this alternative:

“Would everyone be good with just watching the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Turkey Day Marathon and having a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving – popcorn, pretzels, jelly beans.”

“But of course the Costco endless pumpkin pie.”

“Of course” Agreement made.

But a couple days later there were full-sized bottles of Martinelli’s, our traditional Thanksgiving drink, at the 99 Cent Store. Couldn’t say “no” to that.

And then: “I really like the way the smell of turkey fills the house”.

Well, we have to have some real food, I guess. So our usual Jennie-O Freezer-to-Oven turkey is located.

And then: “He was just telling me that what he’s really going to miss is the cranberry sauce.”

So today I’ll be buying cranberry sauce. The good kind – i.e., the kind that retains the shape of the can.

At this point I realize that in addition to the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving that I have worked to put together (hey, you try finding bulk industrial non-gourmet jelly beans out of season!), we have now Stone Soup-ed our way into just about a full traditional Thanksgiving, missing only the stuffing.

And the thing is, folks and folxes:

I really like stuffing.


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