The AAUGH Blogger presents the Peanuts film strips

Animated Peanuts

Ever since I’ve been talking about the film strips in the Charlie Brown Career Education Program, people have been asking me to make them available to see. Alas, I cannot upload these, they are copyrighted material… but I have recently gotten into gear and cleared any permissions concerns I had about showing them as part of an educational presentation. I plan to put together a presentation with at least two of the full film strips for the coming year. I’ll likely pitch it as a panel at WonderCon, an annual Anaheim comics and media show that’s run by the same folks as the famed San Diego Comic-Con…. but I’ll certainly be open to showing it elsewhere.

Animated Peanuts
The Peanuts Movie’s animation studio closes

Blue Sky Studios, the animation house behind the lush and enthusiastic┬áThe Peanuts Movie has been shut down . The studio had been part of Fox, and moved to Disney as part of the their big Fox buyout a couple years back. Blue Sky is best known for the Ica Age …

Animated Peanuts
The Snoopy Show

On Sunday, while the world was reminding us that not only is Terry Bradshaw not the quarterback with the most Super Bowl wins ever, he doesn’t even have the most wins of a person with his initials, I was watching something else. Specifically, I watched the first episode of┬áThe Snoopy …

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the AAUGH Blogger’s face on your TV

Not particularly related to Peanuts in any way, but if you want to see me on your television, you have a chance next week. On Wednesday, February 10, at 4 PM Eastern, I’ll be a contestant on the Game Show Network trivia challenge Master Minds. (And no, that’s not me …