Kohl’s Cares to Sell You A Charlie Brown Christmas Book

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The department store chain Kohl’s has regular effort called “Kohl’s Cares”, where they sell their own editions of children’s books and stuffed figures for $5 each, with all profit going to charitable projects. And at the moment, they’re doing a bunch of Peanuts items. And most importantly to the mania of this blog, they have their own book edition of A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Now, this isn’t a new adaptation. It’s a reprint of a 2015 Simon Spotlight adaptation written by Tina Gallo and drawn by Scott Jeralds…. only that was a 8×10 horizontal paperback that cost $7.99 and this is a 10″x10″ square hardcover for a mere $5. The change in dimensions is reflected by a change in the art, and the good news is that they extended the art, showing more image, rather than trimming away the edges. It’s a reasonable, straightforward adaptation.

One odd choice they have is on the cover, They’ve done a slight change in the placement of this 50 years logo.

The odd thing isn’t that they moved it. The odd thing is that they kept it at all. The original book came out in 2015… which was the 50th anniversary of the original airing of the TV special. As this is a new edition, throwing this logo on at all was an odd choice.

The other books they are offering are Shoot for the Moon, Snoopy!, Kick the Football, Charlie Brown!, Be Kind, Be Brave, Be You!, and a two board-book set containing Snoopy’s Books of Shapes and Colors.

Alas for me, the local store only had the Shoot the Moon and Christmas books… but I would’ve been fine with just the Christmas book, since I’m not obsessive of having every edition of every book, except when it comes to A Charlie Brown Christmas. Still, I’d like to see what they do with the Be Kind… book, as the original was a smaller board book, so the material needed at least more blowing up.

They are also selling a stuffed Charlies Brown, Woodstocks, Lucies, and Snoopies, as well as a Peanuts space-themed card game. You can find all of them online here.

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